Karachi: 7-year old boy’s corpse recovered from manhole

KARACHI: A seven-year old boy fell in an open manhole and died as a result, ARY News reported.

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According to details, a seven-year old boy named Owais was found dead and his body was recovered from a manhole in Karachi’s Muwachh Goth area. It was learnt that Owais had been missing from home since three days and his body was recovered from the manhole on the fourth day.

The tragic incident enraged local residents and relatives of the deceased child, who blocked Baldia Muwachh Goth road and protested. Karachi’s open manholes and streams continue to pose a threat to citizens’ life. Before this, a ten-year old boy named Abdul Khan also fell into a stream in Karachi’s Jahangirabad area. The corpse of the boy was not recovered.

Karachi’s open manholes have drawn concern and criticism from almost all quarters. The city’s administration and provincial government have been heavily criticised in the recent past by civilians and activists. A social activist by the name of Alamgir Khan had highlighted the dangers open manholes pose to citizens in Karachi when he initiated his much-publicised ‘Fix It’ campaign. Alamgir Khan also covered numerous manholes throughout the city and received praise for the initiative.

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Karachi: 7-year old boy’s corpse recovered from manhole

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