Kasur reveals the ugly truth about child abuse in Pakistan

Omar R Quraishi
By Omar R Quraishi August 11, 2015 16:00

Kasur reveals the ugly truth about child abuse in Pakistan

The scale of the Kasur scandal is horrific — 400 videos of some 280 children who were forced to have sex while being filmed — and the manner in which the local police and MP tried to cover it up is depressing.

The tapes that were made were then used to blackmail the parents of the victims into keeping quiet and into giving money to the paedophilia ring. These tapes were also being sold to locals in the town for Rs 50 and even, according to one report, were being sold to paedophile websites overseas.

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That it happened for so long — since 2009 — and was kept under wraps and even the media was unaware of it till now is cause for concern.

The local MPA is believed to have covered it up and even used his power and influence to ensure that the local police don’t follow it up and even managed to secure the release — before the scandal came out in the media — of one of the primary accused.

The matter is now being investigated and  — mainly because of media pressure (including on social media) — 15 people have already been arrested and charged. The pressure from civil society and the media will have to be vigorous and consistent if we are to ensure that the victims and their families get justice in this case.

The local administration officials, police and especially the area MPA should also be probed under the premise that how could they have not known all this was happening for so long. The state should seek to charge them with deflection of duty at the very least.

Ugly truth revealed


Kasur had revealed the truth about paedophilia in Pakistan and it is an ugly one.

First, that paedophilia is far more prevalent in society than we are willing to admit or recognize.

Second, it is often done in an organized manner and those agents of the state whose job it is to protect citizens and uphold the law such as police and legislators do the very opposite. In the case of Kasur the police actively sought to stifle and muzzle the protests carried out by the victims and even went so far as to arrest the one villager who wanted to expose the scandal to the media.

Third, there is an active market for paedophile paraphernalia especially videos and pictures and it exists in Pakistan.  We can either pretend that ut doesn’t exisyexist and continue burying our heads in the sand or we can wake up and see this clear and present danger ro our children and act against it.

Fourth, many of us ignore this activity which may be present in society as a whole. Take the case of the notorious serial killer and paedophile Javed Iqbal who confessed and was convicted of raping and killing over 100 boys in Lahore in the late 1990s. He was caught several times and even sent to jail for sodomy but always managed to get out of jail.

Javed Iqbal - who sexually abused over 100 children in Pakistan

Javed Iqbal – who sexually assaulted and killed over 100 children in Pakistan in the late 1990s.

Even when he was eventually caught, it was he who surrendered himself at the offices of Jang in Lahore. Later police found his house in a congested part of Lahore complete with two vats of acid in which he would dissolve his victims bodies after raping and killing them.  And all this happened without any of his neighbours even bothering to report him to the police even for suspicious activity let alone murder.

Let’s hope the Javed Iqbala of Kasur get what they deserve.  If any deserves to hang at all it should be the perpetrators of such horrific acts.



Omar R Quraishi
By Omar R Quraishi August 11, 2015 16:00
  • austin smith

    Wow..just wow.. pathetic, sorrowful, no words can describe such a heinous criminal act…..wish these culprits should get such a punishment that shake the whole pedophile society. Cut their limbs and leave them helpless on the streets… I know it sounds brutal but man after reading all this damn it brought tears into my eyes and can’t control my emotions. ALLAH keeps everyone safe and sound…Aameen…

  • fareedquraishi

    It’s because the society, as a whole, remains ignorant and if at all they come into knowledge they do not report. And if some one report the police do not take action and if some police man shows some responsibility then courts remains in hurry to give bail. And there is no security system for the safety of victim, witness or for a person who reports.

    And if fortunately all goes fine then our MP’s and government try to get it compromised between the parties so that their politics should not get weak…………………………

  • shahid Saleemi

    The perpetrators should be hanged publicly on independence day

  • Abdul Rab Nishtar

    Hang them till death on Independence Day

  • Kinza Malik

    these bastards should be publicly hanged

  • Yousuf

    Pakistan government should hang javed iqbal. .shame on pakistan .nawaz shareef kuch to karo .allah se daro. .

  • Tayyab

    Javed Iqbal is dead. He was killed in his cell.

  • maha

    No Words…NO WORDS AT ALL…
    I am so senseless, egoless and rigid that i cant even get out of my home and put children of all dogs of kasur character including children of nawaz sharif, shehbaz shareef, rana sanaullah, talal chaudhary in same qasur hawaili’s well where they can undergo same sex abuse in much worst condition. I want to see children of these politicians in a worst dog like condition. Just then i will feel little satisfaction.
    May Allah make my whole nation to watch our crying shouting weeping depressed politicians in agonizing feelings of their children…Amin Amin Amin Ya Rabbal Alameen

  • Fawad Moiz

    As a civilized society of this planet our utmost concern should be to protect all our children in this country of Pakistan.
    Hanging and killing these criminals is not the answer. If you want justice then bring down the very people who covienently let it happen right under their noses for obvious reasons. It could be that all those who let it happen had their own motives, be it finacial and / or sexual.
    Hit the crime where it manifests and you will see results immediately.

  • Dear All, you may find my comments painful but
    we need to admit that it’s a norm in several parts of our beloved country
    including villages in Punjab, Frontier and Interior Sindh

  • Omer

    1. Shariat Nafiz kar do
    2. TV ko gharon se nikal phainko
    3. Baligh hote hi bachon ki shadian kar do
    4. Islahe nafs ke liye Allah Walon aur Ulema se Islahi taluq qaem karo

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