Man attacks girl with acid in Lahore

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By Web Desk February 28, 2016 09:23

Man attacks girl with acid in Lahore

According to details, the miscreant barged into the home of girl in Harbanspura and threw acid on her body. The girl and her family were asleep at that time.

The victim suffered burnt injuries on her neck and some parts of hands. The family immediately took her to Service Hospital where doctors said her condition was out of danger.

The girl’s family said they had no enmity with anyone. Despite repeated calls, the police didn’t come to the victim’s home nor registered a case.

The family said they want justice

It may be mentioned here that The Protection of Women against Violence Bill 2015, was passed in Punjab on February 24, criminalizes all forms of violence against women, including domestic, sexual, psychological, emotional, economic and verbal.

Under the new law, the provincial government will establish district protection centers, residential shelters and a toll-free helpline for victims of violence.

The law also says family courts must hold hearings within seven days of a complaint being made, and a decision must be taken on all complaints within 90 days. For serious offences, courts can order.

Girls and women in Pakistan face many threats, from acid attacks and “honor killings” to domestic violence, rape and kidnapping.



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By Web Desk February 28, 2016 09:23
  • Saleem Haq

    ARY it seems you have taken an oath not to publish my or other’s comments! In fact the comments should be published within the first hour of posting otherwise it’s of no use if you publish it the day after. I can join your channel if you wish, to do the moderation of comments!

  • mohib khan

    Any one who does this should be taken to court and if proved guilty should be meted out the same punishment. Besides this he should be held responsible for the treatment of the victim. This violence should be stopped and can be only stopped if the sick are treated harshly no sympathy no matter who he is

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