Meera accused of fraud, actress allegedly fled with Rs 0.7 million

LAHORE/MULTAN: Controversial actress Meera might be in trouble, as she has been accused of fraud by the director of a stage play.

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It seems like controversies and drama follow Lollywood actress Meera everywhere.

Most recently, the actress was accused of absconding with 0.7 million rupees in the middle of a stage play. Director and produce Zawar Baloch of the play Makhan Malaiyan, accused the actress of violating her contract and leaving abruptly when the stage play was in the middle of its run. What’s worse, the actress also took with her the promised amount of Rs 700,000 with her!

“Before the run’s completion, she left her hotel without informing anyone,” he said. He also claimed that Meera had obtained Rs 0.5 million as the signing amount and also obtained Rs 0.2 million on reaching Multan. So far,  only four shows have been held at the Starlet Theatre.

The director also lamented that the show had fallen flat ever since Meera’s departure and that tickets worth millions of rupees had been returned due to Meera’s absence. Zawar Balochw warned of legal consequences, when he said:-

“I shall go to the court against the contract violation.”

He also alleged that Meera was involved in a bitter argument with someone over the phone, when she had arrived at Multan. He claimed that Meera was talking to her former alleged husband Captain Naveed over the phone when she cried and said:-

“You have already eaten up $20,000 of mine. What more do you want?”

Zawar had also contacted Multan police to apprehend Meera for her fraudulent violation. Commenting on the matter, Meera spoke to a local news agency and stated that she had left the hotel only after she had been granted permission by Baloch and his team, whom she also accused of blackmailing her.

According to a theatre official, tickets worth Rs 0.1 million had been refunded since the public no longer had interest in the show, since Meera had already left it.

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Meera accused of fraud, actress allegedly fled with Rs 0.7 million

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