Meet Danniel — the ‘tallest’ cow in the world

A cow in California is believed to be the world’s tallest weighing a whopping 1033 kg and stands at a staggering 6ft 4 inches tall.

Named Danniel, the bovine eats four times more than a regular cow each day.

He puts away 100 pounds of hay, 15 pounds of grain, drinks 100 gallons of water, and produces 150 pounds of droppings – every day, say its owners.

Owner Ken Farley, from Eureka, California said: ”We first noticed that he was abnormally big when he was about six months and he was being bottle feed.


“At the end of six months he would just knock the bottle out of my hands and was just too big to handle.”

The manager at the farm, Tom Parker said: “The average size steer would be about 4 ½ feet tall vs the 6 foot 4 that Danniel is.

The previous holder of the tallest cow crown was Blossom, a 6ft 2in cow from Illinois who died at the age of 13 in May 2015 .












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Meet Danniel — the ‘tallest’ cow in the world

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