Meet Samson — ‘the biggest’ cat in New York

NEW YORK: We had recently seen a ‘leapord cat’ taking internet by storm and now another member of kitty family is becoming social media sensation for its ‘massive’ size.

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Named ‘Samson the Maine Coon’ is a 4-foot cat in New York City and its owner claims the cat is the city’s largest.

Samson the Maine Coon has gained internet notoriety for his 4-foot, 28-pound frame after repeated efforts by his owner Jonathan Zurbel to have it declared the largest cat in New York City.

“Finally my cat went viral! It took a lot of work because the pet scene on IG is very competitive, everyone thinks they have the cutest pet,” Zurbel wrote on Instagram. “All the cat blogs were ignoring me until the story broke, then everyone got onboard. It’s important to always stay the course when you are pushing something on the Internet. It takes time, hard work and consistency with some clever strategies.”

“He is a gentle giant,” Zurbel told The Dodo. “Very sweet, tender but a tough guy. He likes to wrestle and play but secretly enjoys being tender as long as nobody is watching.












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