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Mercury level falls as unexpected rain splashes Karachi

KARACHI: Thirsty for nearly three years, Karachi quenched its thirst with Monday’s rain that brought a pleasant change in weather here along with a drop in mercury level, ARY News reported.

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As the night fell, a mild rain hit most of the megapolis with cool breeze blowing everywhere. The sudden rain excited the people who have long seen no rains in the city.



The masses were still in surprise by the sudden rain that power breakdowns started occurring in different areas.


کراچی میں اچانک بارش ،،،، محمکم موسمیات بے خبرکراچی میں اچانک بارش ،،،، محکمہ موسمیات بے خبر

Posted by ARY News on Monday, January 18, 2016


Despite outages in several parts of city, the rain greatly pleased the masses almost after three years of span.



Meanwhile, the Met Office said there will be continuing rainfall in the megapolis till Tuesday morning.


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Mercury level falls as unexpected rain splashes Karachi

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