UPDATED: Heatwave death toll in Karachi reaches 1260

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By Web Desk June 30, 2015 10:05

UPDATED: Heatwave death toll in Karachi reaches 1260

The death toll from a severe heatwave in Karachi has reached more than 1260 in Karachi despite the mercury goes down in the city bringing some relief with cooler conditions. Sindh Health Department has confirmed the death toll.

On Tuesday, as many as 14 people have died of heat wave in different parts of the city.

Victims of the heatwave have died of heat stroke, dehydration or other heat-related illnesses – with the elderly and poor the worst-affected population groups in Karachi and other cities of Sindh province.

According to reports over 150 unclaimed dead bodies have been buried at Mowachh Goth graveyard of the city.

According to official figures since Saturday 76 people died of heatstroke in other parts of Sindh. Hyderabad, Thatta, Matiari and Benazirabad were among the districts where these fatalities occurred.

The mercury on Saturday had again shot to 35 centigrade, however it felt like 43 C due to scorching sun. Citizens had heaved a sigh of relief on Thursday when the mercury was down to 32 centigrade, which is normal in Karachi during summer.

The harsh weather that has overwhelmed the province for a week subsided considerably as the mercury goes down from 40s to 30s degree providing some relief to the people.

According to hospital sources the number of heatstroke patients arriving at hospitals had reduced significantly on Thursday.

Eight more people died of heatstroke in Karachi hospitals from Thursday night to Friday morning. Three people died in Civil Hospital, three others at Sindh Government Hospital New Karachi, while the other two died at KMC and Qatar Hospital.

On June 21, 200 people were died, while 397 died of the heatstroke on June 22. At least 113 more lost their lives to the lethal heatwave on Tuesday. The death toll from the worst heatwave  in Karachi and other parts of Sindh was reported 967 on Thursday.

According to data collected from government and private hospitals of the city, over 40,000 people alone have been treated for heatstroke so far.

The victims also included 40 children — who died on June 22 and June 23 at National Institute of Child Health (NICH).

Three main government hospitals Jinnah Hospital, Abbasi Shaheed Hospital and Civil Hospital have refused to admit patients due to lack of beds and facilities. The morgues in the city have also run out of space.

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Bahria Town chairman Malik Riaz today expressed grief over the loss of hundreds of lives in Karachi due to heatstroke and announced Rs 5 lac for the families of the victims.

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Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah has said on the floor of the Sindh Assembly that it is unfair for critics of his administration to blame the government for the heatwave deaths caused in Karachi, especially when such fatalities had happened before as well.

Information Minister of Sindh Sharjeel Memon held K-Electric and Ministry of Water and Power responsible for casualties due to fatal heatwave in Karachi. He said that poor performance of the power supply company caused mass casualties in Karachi and cases will be lodged against both the institutions in its wake.

The chief minister has also announced a public holiday in the province today while the members of Sindh Assembly will stage a protest against K-Electric and the Ministry for Water and Power.

Meanwhile, the meteorological department has said that the heatwave in Sindh is expected to end within 48 hours while monsoon rains and winds are expected to enter the southern parts of the province as well.



Web Desk
By Web Desk June 30, 2015 10:05
  • Saad Shabbir

    karachi dead case

  • asgher

    Drink more water, stay indoors, avoid direct sunlight. wear caps and carry umbrella.
    If feel dizzy or feel you cannot lift hands and keep your hands up ‘equally’ please run to the hospital.

  • Alvi Qadri

    Every year Affluent Muslims from across the world fulfill their duty of paying Zakat, Several Million Dollars are collected and send to Pakistan, Majority of prosperous Muslims in Pakistan also Pay Zakat, But even then Why there is no improvement in the lives of Orphans, widows, Suffering, needy, deprived, miserable and poor Muslims? Why are they not getting any relief? Only one reason: Majority of the organizations and Majority (Not All) of clerics (Molvis/Muftis) that are collecting Zakat-Fund are not dividing it into beneficiaries. So let us distribute our Zakat and Sadqat by hand to Poor, Orphans widows, and to those who deserve help! This is high time for action! Muslim Ummah is suffering. Do the needful help and charity by your hand only. Distribute Food, Water bottles, Water Coolers, Ice Cooler boxes, medicines and other essential items. ALLAH Taala’s love for His creation is great, more than the love of 70 mothers! So have mercy on ALLAH’s creation, save their lives, love them, support them, and solve their problems. As a modest servant of Nabi-ur-Rehmat (Sallallahu Alehi wa aalihi wa sallam) it’s high time to play your role. Instead of hoarding funds for Masajids (Mosques) and Madarsahs we should first take care of needy poor and suffering. Zakat, Fitrah, Sadqah and Alms should only be distributed to Orphans, widows, Suffering, needy, deprived, miserable and poor Muslims. May ALLAH Taala fill our hearts with the True love of Rasool ALLAH (Sallallahu Alehi wa aalihi wa sallam) that enlightens our hearts so that we may distinguish between HAQ (Right) and Batil (wrong ).

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