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Mikaal zulfiqar says he can't adapt to the bold trend

Pakistani model-actor and one of the most good looking man in the industry Mikaal Zulfiqar says that he can’t get intimate on the screen.

Mikaal was interviewed by an Indian newspaper as he is gaining too much popularity in India, ever since our drama are being shown on their channels. The actor said no matter you call him old-fashioned but he will feel hesitant to kiss on-screen, since in Pakistan there is not much space for that boldness and we are an Islamic state.

The actor also showed interest in working in Indian dramas if the good script is offered to him but he does not want to be a part of shows which are unrealistic. he also said that Indian television are getting bolder and he cannot adapt to the trend.

There was a time when our public used to opt for Indian television over our own dramas but now it is the other way round and Indian viewers have latched on to short and crispy  Pakistani dramas. This is not the first time that Indian media is going gaga over any Pakistani drama actor, last month the beautiful Mahira Khan was invited to India to meet her fans.


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