Modi admits India carried out no surgical strike

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By Web Desk October 2, 2016 18:35

Modi admits India carried out no surgical strike

NEW DELHI: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday admitted that no surgical strike has been carried out in any country, ARY News reported.

In an indirect reference towards claim of surgical strike in Pakistan’s territory, he said India has never attacked any country, nor does it want anyone’s territory. This statement has contradicted Indian Army’s claim of surgical strike inside Pakistan.

“India has not attacked anyone. It is neither hungry for any territory. But in the two World Wars, 0.15 million Indian soldiers had laid down their lives fighting for others,” the prime minister said at a ceremony in New Delhi, Indian news agency Press Trust of India reported.


Modi said the Indian diaspora did not believe in indulging in politics of grabbing power abroad.

Pakistan had already rejected claims of any surgical strike carried out by India. While, Indian Army has recently claimed of surgical strike inside Pakistan boundary; however the state failed to provide any evidence in this regard.

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The government of India had on Thursday convened an All-Parties Conference to take the opposition parties into confidence over the strikes. However, they were left disappointed when no evidence was presented about the circumstances in which the strikes took places, and or whether they were provoked from across the border.

Instead they were shown a press briefing by Indian Director General Military Operations Ranbir Singh who claimed that the Indian Army had conducted surgical strikes on terror launch pads at the Line of Control last night. The press conference was jointly conducted by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs and the Ministry of Defence.

Hindustan Times has said: “On Wednesday night, some of India’s toughest fighting men – soldiers of the elite Parachute Regiment – were heli-dropped at pre-designated sites on the Indian side of the LoC. They crossed the de facto border on foot, and were stealthy enough to maintain surprise.”

Check out: India to face strong response in case of any surgical strike: DG ISPR

However, this is visibly a false claim because mined terrain cannot be crossed unnoticed on foot under efficient surveillance systems working in an operational environment.

The UN Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan has not directly observed any firing across the LoC related to the latest incidents.

Modi contradicts Indian army claims, says they… by arynews



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By Web Desk October 2, 2016 18:35
  • Vikas

    BWAHAHAHAHA PAKI brain. Yes indeed India, in its history spanning thousands of years, has never attacked and invaded any country to annex territory… and it never will! That’s a fact and Indian are proud of it! If you connect that with the surgical strikes on your terrorist brothers, then that probably explains why your country is what it is — a failed state.

    By the way pakis, if surgical strikes didn’t happen, why don’t you just stop being defensive and just go and celebrate. We and our media are not trying to prove anything. We don’t need to, we know we gave you a nice kick on your backside, and that’s all, no need to prove. What you idiots are doing shows that you are really very embarrassed by the turn of events. Imbecile reporters writing articles like this one, your pm calling emergency cabinet meeting, joint parliament session, briefing P5, running to UN. For god sake, if it was just routine firing across LoC, then behave in a routine way. Or are going to waste everyone’s time after every routine firing? haha

  • Muneeb Imtiaz

    Dilemna of today’s world, people even don’t feel any shame/guilt for blunt lies…Rather they are having proud in it…
    Why modi is making fool to poor Indian Nation…. just to get votes in next election…Its irony…
    One may go to any extent just to chin up and claim his 52 chest….

  • Muneeb Imtiaz

    Couldn’t understand why Indian govt. had to evacuate the poor Indian villagers alongside punjab….. As if BSF couldn’t catch the Pakistani pigeons and ballons…
    Use some sense of your own also … don’t bluntly follow the narrative of modi… Poor nation…what a dilemna


    my paki friend,you and your paki govt. can say anything about the surgical strike but deep down your heart you both know we had did it and we will continue to nail you no matter what you and your govt feel or say..
    by the way the strike was against the terrorists not the paki army…so be calm and accept the reality.

  • hassan

    KINSHUK BAHAGT Indian DOG.. people in Occupied Kashmir are waving Pakistani flags.. this is our vicotry.. Soon you will see it in Khalistan.. Now keep barking

  • hassan

    Cow piss drinking bloody nation…. just wait and see how we are going to liberate poor Kashmiris from ENDIA… now keep barking!!!

  • Abu Ibrahim

    Why are you laughing ! Pakistani trained Mujahideen killed 18 indian terrorist army at Uri.. for that you are laughing….You will see more attack till Kashmir is set free from indian occupation.

  • Abu Ibrahim

    Deep down you know Pakistany army trained Mujahideen killed 18 indian terrorist soldeirs and that was a surgical attack by Pakistan army in Mujahideen uniform

  • djnada


  • djnada

    what are you talking about mate? Has your army picked up the dead bodies from LoC yet?? Grow the f*&k up, you aint gonna go shit.

  • tafookabaap

    ok vikas we will be embarrassed on which sector of LOC you attacked? any proof? or just indiatimes and india tv story script is proof? u ignorant indian. because ur stupid ignorant general started press conf. Govt responsibility is to conduct such meetings because indian started beating drum in press . And arny had to brief civillian govt that indian dirty asses did not even come close to cross LoC. now go and take ur dirty black indian ass from here

  • tafookabaap

    and u also know deep down from throat to end your dirty black indian ass you people cant do any thing keep dreaming about surgical attack but yes ur dirty ass surgical operation is must

  • Amkere

    Its is incredible how this media has outdone Trump in twisting every sound bite. It is understandable that the neither the government nor the military can admit that there are training camps in its territory. PERIOD. But, ultimately the truth has to come out. Just like 60 years of proxy control of Bangladeshi politics did not help prevent the truth coming out, truth here too has to come out. The days when militaries and spy agency could keep what they wanted out of public domain is gone for good.

  • Abajaan

    Wah bahut zyada baat Karne laga apne baap se. Hamari aabadi itni hai ki sab milke muth de tho Sara thukda Jo bheek mein diya Na woh baad mein doob jayega. Aukat mein rehna seekhle. Baap baap hoya hai aur beta hamesha beta hi hoya hai. Illiterate piece of shit don’t you know how powerful we are, so shut everything find a way to survive. You and your nation are in no position to negotiate terms with us, we are massive and superiors here. Jaa beta sofa…..baap se aise baat nahi karte

  • Salman

    Damage limitation excercise or face saving? There were just too many inconsistencies with the story provided by army officials and the one provided by Government officials. The ‘surgical strike’ claim is so
    incredulous that a few of their own free thinking critical minds (kudos to them) in
    India are asking some unanswerable questions to the Indian military
    chiefs. A four hour special black ops campaign, which involved
    helicopters and paratroopers (now backtracked) 4km deep into Pakistani
    LOC territory (partly mined), without being detected? Yet, no shots were heard from any
    surrounding villagers. No footage of strikes, no co-ordinates of the
    said locations, no funerals of the 14 alleged terrorists killed. And the
    paratroopers were safely picked up again from enemy territory? Hell…
    not even a spy pigeon can fly for a few metres without being detected on
    radar. No burning ash smoke seen for miles, even villagers have smart
    phones to record the devastation after such an event. Where are the
    craters of these busted launchpads? One only has to view Indian media for 5
    minutes to see how much vitriol they spew against the so called ‘enemy’
    across the border and the public are so gullible that they lap up lies
    without even giving second thoughts. It’s a catharthasism for them.
    Your media is an indoctrination tool, who fill the gaps to an otherwise
    implausible narrative. If you state a lie enough times, it becomes a
    truth. Indians are being played like a fiddle, though not ALL.

  • Fahad

    Tu abhi kia tum saray hindustani bagher motay zindagi guzarte ho?

  • Areej

    If India did indeed carry our surgical strikes, they need to be confronted by global authorities. You cannot enter another country’s boundaries to carry out a military operation. That’s illegal and unjustified. They should have reported terrorist activities to necessary authorities.

    If they didn’t carry out surgical strikes, UN needs to call out India for false claims.

  • Yogee

    If ‘surgical strike ‘ is an ‘attack’, US attacked Pakistan. Why do still work for them? Also, their drones keep bombing terrorist location on your western border, violates international border all the time. If India has done it , it is against terrorist. The strike was not against pakistani army. Why to feel so much heartbroken? Are those terrorists so dear to you?

  • Vikas

    Looks like you have drunk too much camel piss today Abdul. You know Uri attack where your terrorist brothers set sleeping army men on fire and as a result 18 soldiers got martyred? Now imagine if government, intelligence and army had decided to hide it… would anyone have known what happened? That’s what your army is doing. You army refused to take dead soldiers in kargil war, denied that osama was in Pakistan near military base, even denied american operation to kill osama. they make you pakis think that you are full blooded arab or turk, now they are making u believe that after CPEC is completed every paki will own a few bmws and private jets. Blame ur madarsa education paki.

  • Vikas

    Laughing because of your desperate attempts to prove that surgical strikes did not happen. haha
    Our army said we did surgical strikes, your army said it didn’t happen…. that’s all, enough, go home and celebrate. Why are you trying to prove? If I say I did your mum last night… you will deny it… argue a little bit and then forget it… or will you bring you mum to me and have her say that i din’t do anything. will you bring neighbors too and ask ur mum to say that i did not do her? hahaha idiots

  • Vikas

    Wow so cool!!! A++++++++ comment…. the best! salute

    Now finish your camel piss cola and go back to building your paan shop along CPEC motorway. That’s your future paki swine

  • Vikas

    hahahah YAWNNN…. 70 years…. still counting.

    Will send my grand kids after 40 years to your grave to ask how many more years. Pathetic paki swine

  • Satyam Jha

    this news is proof that whole pakistani media feeds lies to its people …..modi ne kaha we never attacked any country first …and this attack was against terrorist not porki forces chill down chutio madarsa chaap pokies
    camel piss drinkers and child rapist pakistanis

  • shahid khan

    Yòu need to look at your own cow piss drinking and showering rituals , we eat cows and camels we do not need drink their piss. Our favourite meat is beef.

  • shahid khan

    Please don’t refer to Bangladesh. That conflict had a different dynamics. Pakistan was fighting on two fronts one against the traitors and the other against the foreign aggressors. In between the two isolated parts there was huge enemy territory. Co- odination and logistics were lacking. Now the dynamic is different. The tyranny of distance is no more there are no more traitors in the ranks. Pakistan is no more what it was in 1970s. We lost half the part because of our own political follies . We blame our own politicians too. India did what any enemy could do. Exploit the opportunities created by our own dead and gone politicans. Now surgical strikes from neighbours is a dream. So please consider it a nightmare and wake up as soon as you begin having such dreams. Its better for your own good health.

  • Abu Ibrahim

    just do surgical strikes in bollywood my lil son, we are muslims we bring down wtc , mumbai , uri, pathancot son u r like khoda pahar nikla choha…

  • Anand

    “we are muslims we bring down wtc”. Well, thats quite a confession! But don’t bother. Whole world knows that you bite the hand that feeds you.

  • Muzammil Hussain Shaiq

    Satyam ek bat to batao, tum loge apni behnon ki kuttay se shadi kayun kartay ho, Pakistan ko de dia karo. Baqi jo tum ne likha hai, tum loge ham se kahin ziada kartay ho. Yad hai tum logon ne iron rod se apni hi behan ki ….. phar di aur wo mar gai bechari.

  • Muzammil Hussain Shaiq

    General Zia Ul Haq translated his power and capabilities to Rajiv Gandhi as below. Read it carefully, all those pissing their comments from Indian side, and remember we have faith in “Iman, Taqwa and Jehad fi sabil lillah”.

    This is what an advisor to Rajiv Gandhi has written:

    “Pakistan President General Zia-ul-Haq arrived in New Delhi (enroute to Chennai to watch the Pakistan-India Test Match) without any invitation. At that time, Indian PM was not ready to meet Gen. Zia at the Airport. Indian Army were waiting for PM orders for an Attack on Pakistan through the Rajasthan Sector. In such a situation, it was improper to meet the Pakistani President. But Opposition Leaders & Cabinet Members were of the view that despite that the Pakistani Leader arrived without any invitation, it will be against Diplomatic Norms not to meet him & would cause misunderstandings about the Indian leadership on an International Level.

    On our persuasion, Rajiv Gandhi went to the Airport the receive the President of Pakistan. Gen. Zia was accorded a lukewarm response from the Indian Prime Minister with an uninterested handshake without making any eye-contact. Rajiv Gandhi said to me, “Gen. Zia has to go to Chennai to watch the Cricket Match, so accompany him & take care of him”. I thought that Bhagwan how strong is this man, that inspite of an insulting behaviour from Rajiv Gandhi, Gen. Zia kept smiling.

    Before his departure, Gen. Zia turned to Rajiv Gandhi and said, ‘Mr. Rajiv, you want to attack Pakistan, go ahead and do it. But keep in mind that after this the World would forget Hulagu Khan & Gengis Khan & will only remember Zia-ul-Haq & Rajiv Gandhi. Because this will not be a Conventional War but a Nuclear War. In this situation, Pakistan might be completely destroyed, but Muslims will still be there in the World, but however with the destruction of India, Hinduism will vanish from the face of this earth’.

    Cold-drops of perspiration were visible on Rajiv Gandhi’s forehead. I felt sensation in my backbone. These were only few minutes, but Gen. Zia seemed to us a very dangerous man. With a stern-face, Gen. Zia’s eyes showed that he meant business. I was astonished, that after this stern warning, in a flash, Gen. Zia started smiling as if nothing happened & warmly shook hands with other hosts. Except Rajiv Gandhi & myself, that this Gen. Zia had created problems for the Indian PM by threatening him of Nuclear War.”

  • Profabdulganibhat

    If India had not invaded but it was invaded. Does that mean that India offers not to invade but to be invaded.

  • mukesh

    kin befkupo s paala pad gaya india ka… saalo m na to sharam h na dimag h….they dont knw d difference b/w surgical strike and attack on a country…:-)

  • ihjas

    modi said“India has not attacked anyone. It is neither hungry for any territory. But in the two World Wars, 0.15 million Indian soldiers had laid down their lives fighting for others,”he never said India didn’t conduct a surgical strike.why do u add lies in your words.shame on you.

  • Amkere

    Really? Was it political folly or your own way of looking down on your own fellow muslims who just spoke a different language and had their own culture. India has muslim populations all across the land who have chosen to melt and mash it out from within rather than dream of distant entity which they have seen with their own eyes turning out to be a nightmare not just for themselves but the entire world.

    For your information, most of those who emigrated to India during that war are still here. You might want to wonder why, rather than brandishing your nuke carrots at them. They chose an entity which they prefered — as a place where at least their daughters could go to school without being shot at or their mothers can chose polio vaccines over Friday prayers where their kids are promised virgins in return for blowing up their own grand mothers!

  • Tempting Deals

    usko attack ni usko atankwadio ki gaand maarna kehte h

  • Tempting Deals

    isiliye to pakistan naam diya h 😛

  • Tempting Deals

    In an ideal world there would be no deaths and Kashmir would be a very peaceful place.
    However the world is far from being ideal and at every step reality eats away fairy tales.

    What is Kashmir and who controls it?

    It’s a region divided amongst 3 countries-
    Pakistan – 37%
    India – 43%
    China – 20%

    The Indian controlled area i.e- the state of Jammu & Kashmir has 3 major regions.
    It’s area is approximately- 1,00,000 sq km(about twice the size of Punjab)

    -Kashmir valley – Predominantly Muslim
    -Jammu – Predominantly Hindu
    -Ladakh – Predominantly Buddhist

    The insurgency that is going on primarily affects Kashmir valley(marked in red):

    The rest of the regions are quite peaceful. So there is no question of giving away the entire state.

    Pakistan’s claims to Kashmir:

    Pakistan has no legal claims to Kashmir – absolutely none. It claims Kashmir on the basis of a majoritarian principle, their basic argument is- Hindus & Muslims cannot live together, ever. Since Kashmir is a Muslim majority state it should be given to Pakistan.

    To realize how ridiculous this argument is just imagine, if Saudi Arabia using the same logic tomorrow lays claim to Deoband(an eminent center for Islamic learning ) in Uttar Pradesh. Would you accept it and handover Deoband to the Saudis?

    Why Pakistan is doing what it is doing:

    Pakistan is in a very fucked up state right now. The seeds of Islamic fanaticism that they had sown in the early 1950s-1960s are showing their effects now.

    What did Pakistan do?

    – Manipulated history taught in schools to kids
    – De Facto adopted a very hardline version of Sunni Wahhabi Islam as state religion – with lots of patronage from the Saudis.
    – Radicalized it’s youth.
    – Created a military it cannot pay for

    Fast forward 40 years, the kids have grown up now. There are no jobs in the country because the economy is in tatters. The youth are radicalized to such an extent that they are ready to take up arms.

    To contain all this the Pakistani government(more specifically the Pakistani army) needs to make sure that the country is in a constant state of conflict.

    Peace is equivalent to defeat for them. These people don’t care even if they lose a thousand battles. Else they would have stopped when they lost half their country.
    Their ideology is – as long as Pakistan is doing something, anything to cause pain to India – no matter what the cost they are good. Peace is surrender and defeat to them.

    For the Pakistani’s this is an Ideological war.

    To know more about this:

    Lecture by Christine Fair,
    Christine has done her Phd in South Asian civilizations, she is fluent in Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi. She has gone through thousands of journals published by the Pakistani army, the Indian army and the U.S.

    Christine has testified before the U.S senate.

    Talk is being moderated by the ex-ambassador of Pakistan to the U.S – Hussain Haqqani.

    Bruce Riedel is a former CIA officer, his area of expertise is South Asia. He has been an adviser to multiple U.S presidents. He is the person who arranged for Nawaz Sharif’s exile in Saudi Arabia when Gen. Musharraf took over.

    Bottom line: These guys know what they are talking about.

    What I am trying to highlight here is this- Handing over Kashmir would not solve anything because this is an ideological war for the Pakistanis. Their definitions of victory and defeat are very different from the Indian Government’s.

    There are no easy answers here, we will not achieve peace no matter how hard we try. The best we can do is protect ourselves, wait for Pakistan to implode from the inside and win, by out lasting them.

    While we are waiting we should attempt to stabilize Kashmir and focus on it’s development just as Balaji Viswanathan pointed out in his answer.

    Edit: I am adding some points which were brought up in the comments section.

    When India & Pakistan were taking shape via consolidation of the different princely states with British India, lord Mountbatten(the viceroy) set out some guidelines, one of which was- princely states can merge with either India or Pakistan but in order to do so, they must share a border with the country they wish to merge with.

    Junagarh shared no border with Pakistan and India did not start the war with Junagarh.
    India did deploy it’s forces along the Junagarh border, as the situation was tensing up, the king of Junagarh took all the money present in the state treasury and fled to Pakistan. When this happened the state government collapsed, then the Junagarh government Invited India to come take over and help – which India did. Once the situation stabilized a plebiscite was conducted – in which the majority of people voted to become a part of India.

    UN plebiscite for J&K:

    Conditions for the UN plebiscite:

    In 1947 the UN passed a resolution which allows the people of J&K to decide their own fate, i.e- which country to join – India or Pakistan(It does not allow independence, anyone who says it does is lying- plain and simple).

    Before a vote was to be conducted certain conditions had to be met:

    1) Pakistan had to give up it’s part of Kashmir to India, i.e- Pakistan must withdraw it’s forces from PoK/Azad Kashmir & Gilgit Baltistan.

    2) India must take control of the entire state, India is not allowed to militarize the entire state but is allowed to station enough troops to protect J&K from an invasion.

    3) Once the above 2 conditions have been met and the situation has stabilized – then a vote was to be conducted regionally- for Gilgit-Baltistan, Kashmir valley, Jammu & Ladakh separately.

    These conditions would have in effect led to a peaceful partition of the state between India & Pakistan. Pakistan could have accepted these conditions but it choose not to. Pakistan kept what it had conquered and so in effect abandoned it’s claim over the rest of the state.

    All this happened 70 years ago, from then to now things have changed substantially. Specifically the demographics of PoK.

    PoK has no protections like article 370 and as a result what has happened is, in Azad Kashmir there are a huge number of Punjabi settlers(from Pakistani Punjab). In case of Gilgit- Baltistan, the total population is 7,00,000 out of which only 3,00,000 people reside in their areas, rest of the population has moved to other cities like Karachi. In both the cases the locals are quite dissatisfied with the Pakistani administration.

    Pakistan ceded Shaksgam valley to China:

    Pakistan ceded a part of Kashmir to China – an area of 5400 sq km. This area is now controlled and administered by China.

    Due to these reasons the plebiscite is no longer feasible.

    My opinion:
    70 years have passed, not 7 inches of land has changed hands during this time. I can guarantee that this will be the case even in the next 70 years(PoK will stay Pok and J&K will remain J&K).

    The most sensible thing to do here is for both the countries to simply accept the LoC as the international boundary and move on!!

    (P.S: Don’t take my word for it! See for yourself.
    Link to UN resolution 47 on Kashmir:
    United Nations Official Document)

    Chinese occupied Kashmir aka Aksai Chin:

    The thing is the Himalayan region was poorly demarcated when India became independent and the ccp in China came to power.
    Chinese occupied Kashmir aka Aksai Chin is a barren cold desert, nothing grows there, no one lives there and temperatures sometimes touch -50 C.

    The Dogra Maharaja of J&K had claimed this area and build a small fort in the 1800’s. By the time J&K became a part of India there was no Indian or J&K presence there, the fort lay abandoned.

    China rhetorically claims the area to be part of Tibet but the only reason they need it is- a highly running from Xinjiang to western Tibet crosses through Aksai Chin, they built it around 1954 and India discovered it after it was already operational.

    The only way to reclaim this area is militarily, which i don’t think is a good idea.

    Highway G219:

  • Avinash Kar

    the entire article has exaggerated. Truth which was revealed after the strike is true and another will be soon on the terrorists. The operations are on terrorists and their supporters. These are not mean to harm any non terrorists.

  • Avinash Kar

    Paki knows how to threaten do not know how to act becoz they are coward

  • Khan

    For Indian brothers. Apna kutta to lay jao…tum log kehtay ho wapis aa gayae thay tum to phir yeh kutta kahan sai pakra giya aur ab tumharay ministers iss kuttay ko churwanay k liyae minnataen kar rahay hain………
    you cannot go unhurt if you try to cross border brother….

  • Srinjay Nath

    That was Pakistan occupied Kashmir (POK) where the strikes were carried out. And I think that is Indian soil illegally occupied by Kashmir forces. So it is not within your boundary dear friend. And it was an attack against the terrorists, neither against your army nor your country. So why are you guys so pissed off?

  • Karan

    Pakistani news has dropped to a new low. I don’t know why they keep reporting false news all the time. I have even seen them citing a troll channel called Faking news to support their ridiculous analyses. Stop making fool of yourselves..

  • Roopak Dutta

    Right . Pak Occupied Kashmir is our part and do not consider it is a foreign land. Your claim is right that we have not conducted any Surgical Strike on foreign territory

  • Nigel Mark Dias

    Even GHQ Rawalpindi has run out of self-pity.
    No “first strike”
    And this, of course never happened:
    Neither did Cyril Almedia write this:

  • Ocean

    Modi ne kaha Pakistan pe surgical strike nahi kiye, terrorist jo POK (Indian territory) me the uspe kiye…!!
    Simple logic ye porkistan nahi samjhega..!!

  • Ravi

    you pakis cant manage your own country,,,,,, see where India has reached …Mars..Moon and you still cant reach Kashmir….balochis are crying freedom …. give them their freedom… and 86%of Kashmir Population are happy being with India ….remaining 14% are Pakis who have illegally crossed over …. mind your won country mate….then think of liberating Kashmir ….
    See where India has reached …..see the luxury we live in … see the tatters you live in ….you are a shame

  • Ravi

    you pakis cant manage your own country,,,,,, see where India has reached …Mars..Moon and you still cant reach Kashmir….balochis are crying freedom …. give them their freedom… and 86%of Kashmir Population are happy being with India ….remaining 14% are Pakis who have illegally crossed over …. mind your won country mate….then think of liberating Kashmir ….
    See where India has reached …..see the luxury we live in … see the tatters you live in ….you are a shame….

  • Sejal Shinde

    LOL! this statement of Modi was BEFORE the surgical strike!

  • Ragu

    Rubbish article .. modi is right . India has not attached any country. Area of attack belongs to Indian territory occupied illegally by Pakistan/terrorist. Hence strikes was carried out within our country.

  • AbhayKumar

    Pakistan Broadcasting right is with Pakistani Government.. So whatever is Broadcasting is with there will.. there is no Freedom of Journalism in Pakistani. Well Do not See What they are Saying .. This can Get us provoked which is not Good for our Future.. Because this is what they with there own Citizen for a long Course of time .. and the affect you can See Today… POOR THINKING WILL MAKE YOU MORE AND MORE POOR..

  • S400 Triumph aa rahi wait karo ab tum kuch karo tumhara baap leke beta hoga luth uske bad Kashmir toh hoga but no Pakistan no terrorist puri duniya dekhigi Hindustan kya kar sakta hai, and yeah tum chutiyo ke wajah se ozone layer 50% khatam ho jayegi from earth.

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