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Mother’s Day- historical background and relevance

A little insight and background as to the purpose and historic relevance of Mother’s Day.

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The world celebrates Mother’s Day today, in recognition of every mother’s countless sacrifices for her children. The intent and purpose behind celebrating this event on an international basis is to raise awareness in the world regarding the role of mothers and her role in shaping the lives of children.

Events, seminars and processions are carried around the world to highlight the respect of mothers in society and the difficulties they go through to mould the lives of their children. However, on this day, it is also pertinent to mention the fact that not all mothers are fortunate in the world to be loved and recognized by their offspring. There are those unfortunate amongst ourselves who force their mothers and parents to seek refuge in old homes, instead of their own homes.

It should be kept in mind that the tradition of celebrating Mother’s Day is an ancient one which has been derived from civilizations of past. Greeks celebrated this day in honor of their Goddess Gaia, whom they referred to as the mother of all goddesses.

In 16th century England, 40 days before Easter, people used to celebrate a day known as ‘Mothering Sunday’. The United States started celebrating Mother’s Day from the year 1872.

In 1911, Mother’s Day was celebrated in a state of the USA and ever since then, the second Sunday of May every year is marked as Mother’s Day.

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Mother’s Day- historical background and relevance

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