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Musharraf blames India and Afghanistan for Peshawar carnage

This is the first time that India has given an instant reaction of sympathy on a terrible tragedy in Pakistan and unusually a staunch Indian PM Narendra Modi has also shown an unconditional support to us in this time of immense grief. This does not go well with the former president of Pakistan, Pervez Musharraf who accuses India of this carnage together with the support of the former Afghan president Hamid Karzai.

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At a time when the two arch rivals are trending with new wave of love and support the former president of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf is the only powerful man from both the countries who believes that India is behind this dastardly attack in Peshawar that killed more than 140 innocent people.

In an exclusive interview to CNN-IBN when the former president was asked about knowing Mullah Fazlullah he said, ” Mullah Fazlullah is the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan commander. He is in Afghanistan. And I am reasonably sure that he was supported by former Karzai government and RAW to carry out terror attacks in Pakistan”. He further said that the perpetrators were trained by Indian intelligence agency RAW with the support of former Afghan government to carry out terrorist attacks in Pakistan.

He also accused the United States (US) for the blunder of creating Taliban and not supporting Pakistan in the hunt to find its prime enemy Mullah Fazlullah, who is hiding in terrorist sanctuaries across the border.

These statements can’t go in vain as it is not said by an anti-state element that speaks venom against rivals, these are rather made by the former president of Pakistan who once had all the intelligence agencies of the country under his supreme command.

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Musharraf blames India and Afghanistan for Peshawar carnage

by Hira