Musharraf invites Shujaat for meeting in Dubai

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By Web Desk March 21, 2016 19:48

Musharraf invites Shujaat for meeting in Dubai

Pervez Musharraf, who recently flew to Dubai for the sake of medical treatment, today telephoned Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain and inquired his well-being.

During conversation with the PML-Q chief, Musharraf denied leaving the country under a deal.

Expressing his affection with Pakistan, the former president said that he cannot stay away from it and will return to country as soon as his physicians allowed him.

Musharraf also invited Chaudhry Shujaat for a meeting with him in Dubai.



Web Desk
By Web Desk March 21, 2016 19:48
  • Reality Check

    PLM-N Ashrafia are masters of double crossing and it is bad time someone double crossed them and I hope he takes the charge of MQM leftovers as they are down & out very soon. It will be an ideal situation Imran Khan’s PTI takes charge in Punjab & Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Mushraf takes charge of Sind & Baluchistan. Cannot ask more otherwise Pakistan have no future in the coming time to come at top. It is well established that MQM has links with RAW then why government is not taking action why though you never know PLM-N has stricken a deal with them to do another NRO forgiving all culprits from MQM.

  • Saleem Haq

    As long as there is “law of the jungle” prevalent in this country, the righteous should stay away from this country. But again who is going to lead the country when the true leaders are away? Of course the thugs!

    We still have some hope left within us, since there is one brave SHARIF who must speed up the fight against looters before saying adios, otherwise we will have those Sharif brethren + other thugs who will spare no efforts to destroy this country and say adios!

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