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Muslims to observe Shab-e-Mairaj tonight with religious fervor

Shab-e-Mairaj (The Night of Ascension) will be observed by Muslims across the world on tonight with religious zeal and fervor, ARY News reports.

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Muslims observe this event on the night of 27th of Rajab, when the Holy Prophet (PBUH) crossed seven skies to meet Allah (S.W.T) on ‘al-Buraq’.

On this night, Salat was also made mandatory on the Muslims for five times a day.

Special prayers along with Mehfil-e-Naats are organized in various mosques after the Isha prayers today.

The life and teachings of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) are also highlighted in various sermons and religious programs at television channels.

Mosques, houses and streets are decorated with colorful lights, candles and buntings on the occasion.

ARY Digital will air special transmissions by the name of “Shaan-e-Mairaj” tonight at 10:00pm. Anchor Waseem Badami will host the transmission in which renowned Naat Khwan and other religious figures will participate.


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Muslims to observe Shab-e-Mairaj tonight with religious fervor

by Shahjahan Khurram