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Opposition members stage sit-in against OGDCL privatization

ISLAMABAD: Members of the joint opposition in the Senate of Pakistan have been staging a protest sit-in outside the Parliament House, against the proposed privatization of the Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL), ARY News reported.

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According to details, opposition members in the Senate strongly criticized the government over its privatization policy. Senator Raza Rabbani demanded the government to quit all its anti-people schemes.

He warned if the government did not hold back from privatizing of the OGDCL, then the joint opposition will stage a protest sit-in at the Constitution Avenue.

Some other opposition members suggested the government to stop privatizing national institutions under the ‘Mansha’ policy.

Earlier, the session of Senate was adjourned for an indefinite period, as the opposition members voiced their severe concerns on the privatization of OGDCL and walked out of the house.

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Opposition members stage sit-in against OGDCL privatization

by Kashif Imran