Pakistan refuses to issue ‘renunciation of citizenship certificate’ to Adnan Sami

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By Web Desk November 11, 2015 16:52

Pakistan refuses to issue ‘renunciation of citizenship certificate’ to Adnan Sami

The move to not grant Sami his renunciation of citizenship certificate will hurt his chances of obtaining Indian nationality, since the document is imperative if he wishes to renounce his national identity in Pakistan and adopt the Indian one in exchange for it.

A senior official of the Interior Ministry revealed details and said:-

” Why would we issue the certificate to a man who has no respect for ‘sacred’ documents.” He also revealed a line from a letter that the singer had sent to the Pakistani High Commission in India along with his Pakistani passport, wherein he had stated “I don’t need the green passport anymore. I have found my home in India.”

Officials were adamant that in order to obtain the certificate, Sami would now have to issue an unconditional apology for his disrespectful remarks. It must be borne in mind that the singer had approached the Indian home ministry a couple of months ago, with the request to not be deported on humanitarian grounds. His chances of obtaining an Indian citizenship were bolstered when the government allowed him to stay in the country for an indefinite period.

He had opted to approach the India’s Interior Ministry after his Pakistani passport had expired and he had not renewed it.

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Web Desk
By Web Desk November 11, 2015 16:52
  • Haider

    he should start singing a new song “me and my big mouth” and should join RSS where he might remain safe, unfortunately i liked your singing but your attitude and putting down your motherland has landed u in trouble, enjoy it and let us enjoy your songs.

  • Sohail

    Good decision of Pakistani High Commission

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