Pakistan third most terror-hit country: report

GENEVA: Pakistan ranks third in the most terrorism affected country of the world according to a report by Global Terrorism Index, ARY News reports.

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According to the report by Global Terrorism Index, 2,345 people were killed in 1,933 terror attacks in the country whereas 5,045 people were injured.

The report further states that the ratio of terror related incidents across the world have increased by 81 percent whereas Iraq was the most terrorism affected country.

In 2013, there were 10,000 terror incidents in which 17,958 people were killed. Eighty percent of the total killings took place in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria in which total of 14,722 people were killed.

Global Terrorism Index reports further states that countries with Muslim majority population such as Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Kuwait are free from terrorism whereas the main causes of terrorism are anti-government, separatist and nationalistic movements.

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Pakistan third most terror-hit country: report

by Raza Haidery