Pakistan to be completely rid of terrorism in two years: PM

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By Web Desk April 25, 2016 16:59

Pakistan to be completely rid of terrorism in two years: PM

Addressing a cheque distribution ceremony among rain-affected people in Kotli Sattian, PM Sharif said terrorism incidents had declined majorly across the country. “If we have to propser economically, there is no place for terrorism to exist,” he mentioned.

PM Sharif bragged that loadshedding, that had been plaguing the country for more than half a day daily, has been reduced to considerable extent.

He also took a jibe at his opponents, saying “we don’t practice the politics of dharna, lies and misleading people. We believe in serving people.”

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Mr. Sharif said peace was restoring in Karachi, while a few of remaining problems will also be addressed in the provincial capital of Sindh. He said China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project will generate thousands of jobs in the country.

The prime minister also promised people to deliver gas and electricity at their doorsteps in the district. We will also construct a hospital here besides provision of electricity and other missing necessities, announces the PM.

The premier also announced compensation for rain-affected people of the Tehsil. He said cheques should be dispatched among the affected people within 24 hours. The PM asked the commissioner concerned to report to him after cheque distribution was done.

Amid pro-Nawaz slogans, PM responded: “I also love you!”, drawing applause from the participants at the gathering.

He also asked people to tell him whether there was any need for construction of road or motorway. “Tell me if you need any such project, I am here to do that,” he stated amid huge cheers from the supporters.

He recalled that he was forced to remain out of country for eight years, so could not visit Kotli Sattian for a long time. “I’ve come here after 26 years and last visited Kotli in 1990. I wanted to come here, but could not make it.”



Web Desk
By Web Desk April 25, 2016 16:59
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    But we want to get rid of YOU NOW as a PM of Pakistan. You are not fit to stay at the helm as the PM of the country. Please 1st address the corruption by you and you family. Do not mislead and deviate from the MAIN subject. You and your family case about corruption is OPEN and SHUT case. Mr. PM please bow away and step down while you can

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