Pakistani ‘engineer’ disputes Einstein’s theory thru newspaper ad

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By Web Desk February 22, 2016 14:34

Pakistani ‘engineer’ disputes Einstein’s theory thru newspaper ad

An ad published in the ‘Roznama Khabrein’ on February 18 by engineer Fareed Akhtar reads: “The recent research on gravitational waves is totally wrong. There is no such thing like gravity. Its facts are different from the research and it can be proved just through a lecture,” claimed the man.

The local engineer doesn’t stop short here. He also mentioned his two cell phone numbers and an email address in a bid to make people contact him and learn more on gravitational waves.

Interested to be enrolled in his classes? Do at your own risk!

waves ad

International scientists on February 11 in a landmark discovery for physics and astronomy said they have glimpsed gravitational waves, or ripples in space and time, which Albert Einstein predicted a century ago.

At a press conference in Washington, researchers said when two black holes collided some 1.3 billion years ago, the joining of those two great masses sent forth a wobble that hurtled through space and arrived at Earth on September 14, 2015, when it was picked up sophisticated, US-based instruments.

Pakistani scientist Nergis Mavalvala, who is also Associate Department Head of Physics at MIT was a member of the team of scientists that announced the scientific milestone of detecting gravitational waves.

Ms Mavalvala received was very widely praised in Pakistan for her contribution. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, president and other dignitaries congratulated her for the scientific research.



Web Desk
By Web Desk February 22, 2016 14:34
  • Gallilao

    Those Einsteinian zealots; they’ll say anything. Now they’re trying to tell us that the collision between two Black Holes takes place in a fraction of a second, as though it were two Sub-atomic particles we’re talking about.

    The collision and merger of two BHs would take millennia to occur so there would be no “ping”, just an ever increasing din and crescendo stretching on for as long as it take for the two masses to merge.

    But, there is no such thing as gravity waves and those claims are pure rubbish.

  • Rashid Malik

    Oh boy here we go again, first a car that ran on water, a perpetual machine, that created energy, out of no where, and now this. Hunger for cheap fame is irresistible to a few, even to the point of utter ridicule.

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