Pakistani twitterati voice support for Zaid Hamid

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By Web Desk June 25, 2015 13:53

Pakistani twitterati voice support for Zaid Hamid

Zaid Hamid’s vocal and hard-hitting criticism of Saudi Arabia’s role in the Yemen conflict cost him dearly. On a recent visit to Makkah, the controversial defense analyst was arrested and detained in the holy city. Hamid, who has been appearing on television channels over the years, is known for his harsh criticism of the United States, Israel, India, Saudi Arabia and Pakistani separatists. After it was reported that Hamid could face up to 8 years imprisonment and  numerous lashes, Pakistanis started trending #ReleaseZaidHamid on twitter. Here are some of the tweets:-



Web Desk
By Web Desk June 25, 2015 13:53
  • Mujahida

    Today again trending on twitter

  • His arrest by Saudi Arabia Proves that he was correct about Saudi Arabia and their evil royals.

  • Ahmad Raza

    We Demand Pakistan Amry to Go Ahead and Take Zaid Hamid Back to Pakistan …. He is Supporting Pakistan Army since one decade and no Doubt Indeed a True and Great Muslim. We Pakistanis Love Him …. Pak Army Please Help him immediately.

  • Adil sarwar

    Zaid hamid is a Reall man of present erra and symboll of Ishqe rasool (S.A.W.W) @releaszaidhamid



  • IAF101

    I thought they were your best friends…….??? So sad!

  • edl

    hes an idiot and even paki army is not foolish enough to support him

  • Jami

    Zahid is paying a price of his true love with pakistan..I wish,as a pakistani i can do something for him because our so called leaders are slave of royal family.

  • Mahabub shareef

    These Saudi Royals have been backstabbing the ummah for a long time. They have lost the way. But they cant stop Pakistan any more.

    If he is not released by the godless Sellout Arabs, Pakistan will fight
    with Saudi Arabia and might lead to nuclear weapon exchange between
    Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Pakistani leadership should bring him out of
    Saudi jails as soon as possible.

    We are a upcoming super power and nuclear power. Inshallah Zaid Hamid will be back soon and lead
    our forces to victory and fly the green flag on Red fort.

  • Rajesh

    Excellent news this brain washed person deserves it

  • Alansaralhaq

    Shame on Saudi Arabia
    You have proved our hero right.
    The Saudis have a complex and if you need Pakistani support you should stop arresting our hero.
    Zahid Bhai is the treasure of Pakistan, they unsung, unofficial hero of Pakistan.
    Release him or I suggest ALL Pakistanis take to social media and slur this schizo / fragile ego of the new Saudi Government.

  • Aziz Ihsan

    If you criticize the US while sitting in your own comfort of the drawing room don’t expect to be treated fairly when you arrive at the soil called USA. this is true with regard to KSA also.

  • Hindu Soldier in Kashmir


  • Hindu Soldier in Kashmir


  • Saad Mehmood .Qureshi

    i had never seen a patriot like him in my life.. such a true and great person

  • Asif Khan

    All the scenario display only cowardliness of Saudis, they are comprehensively defeated by bare handed single person. the Arrest of Sir Zaid Hamid proved that what he was saying about the Saudis was 101% correct. But the the thing which is pinching me what our government and establishment is doing? Why they are not giving a clear massage that we want back our hero, otherwise get ready u dump as… Saudis.

  • Tabrej Ansari

    Ok. Lemme open your eyes. Pakistani leadership??? Do such a thing exist? There Everybody does whatever they want.

    Saudi is friends with US more than with Pakistan. Honestly it doesn’t even care what pakistan thinks about them.
    Pakistan and Superpower should not be used in the same sentence. More of Failed state and Pakistan goes well together. Dont be delluded and try to find peace instead of talking about nukes and Red Fort Victory.

  • Tabrej Ansari

    You really think this will ever happen. Honestly beurocrats and army dont care who hamid is

  • Tabrej Ansari

    Good riddance. Always uttered garbage whenever he opened his mouth. My country dont need people like him. There is enough hatred here.

  • Tabrej Ansari

    British person will abide by rules and wont slag off Saudis. Hamid brought this on himself.

  • Tabrej Ansari

    Putting @ or # releaszaidhamid will not bring him back. You know that Saudis are not too keen about social media.

  • Those saudis are only friend to Isreal and America.

  • rana1

    Which means that USA too is lying with freedom of speech rights.Zaid Hamid does not speak against Saudi government,but against Wahabism Ideology,which purpotedly is the ideology of TTP and ISIS.

  • rana1

    British person or American,if you are white the Saudis are happy,but if you are brown or black then rules change. The Saudis are a creation of Lawrence of Arabia the brit and so this is why they have close ties with the brits and americans.

  • rana1

    You are right here as they still live in stone age,or bedouin attitude.

  • asad fayyazz

    zahid hamid realse as soon as possible no dout zahid hamid is brave pakistani anlayist but i have little concern about that please more justify about matter of yousaf kazab as you are blant about talban and America,isreal, and india because douts are totally remove from pakistani nation minds.thankd

  • muhammad

    Protest on the front embassy of KSA in Islamabad. Pakistan need that the pakistani Govt put the KSA ambassador in jail for 25year

  • Salman Zahidi

    Karma is a bitch !! Zaid Hamid got what he deserves for ruining the lives of our Pakistani Youth

  • afzal

    This is unfortunate. Till yesterday he was hero. Today he is punished. Allah will decide who is right and who is wrong.

  • Saleem Haq

    The Pakistani media should ensure that every day they should carry out a slogan on all TV channels demanding the Sauds to free Zaid Hamid. Al Jazeera did the same when their 3 journalists were jailed in Egypt. Since our thugs and murderers in the government are quite, it is the duty of every Pakistani and all the channels to keep on reminding the mass murderer Sauds about this ridiculously insane act of theirs and the ones committed in Yemen and elsewhere. It seems that hell is nearing the Sauds, since the innocent people of Yemen and elsewhere who are dying because of this insane family are cursing them and their loved ones will definitely retaliate against them to show them the hell in this world!

  • seismann

    Didn’t he consider himself an Arab?

  • Bilal Mian

    ARY NEWS you should not be publishing Syed Zaid hamid as ‘ Controversial Defense Analyst’. He has been on your programmes countless times be it Mubasher lucman’s show, Waseem badami’s show and Dr Danish’s show. Only people who call him controversial are liberal shameless brigade of GEO & SAFMA GROUPS. And please correct your news as he

  • Bilal Mian

    Salman zaidi u r a ignorant and misguided person, please go back to your hole.

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