Pakistanis mark Kashmir Solidarity Day with passion and reverence

Pakistanis around the world today are celebrating Kashmir Day. A public holiday is observed in order to show solidarity with Kashmiris and their rights.

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Pakistan has always stood with Kashmir and the people of Kashmir in their struggle to obtain their rights and wishes. Hence on February 5 of every year, the nation and its citizens spread across the world, celebrate Kashmir Solidarity Day or Kashmir Day.

Symbolic gestures are very much part and parcel of this day, as people will make human chains in areas that join Pakistan with Azad Kashmir such as Kohala Bridge, Mangla Bridge etc. To honour Kashmiri martyrs, a one-minute silence was also observed at 10:00 am.

In order to raise the plight of Kashmiris and highlight the atrocities being committed by the Indian authorities, seminars, rallies, public meetings and functions will be held.

Speaking exclusively to ARY News on the occasion, Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir Chaudhry Abdul Majid said he was thankful to Pakistan for their support and solidarity with the people of Kashmir.

#KashmirSolidarityDay trends on Twitter in Pakistan:-

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Pakistanis mark Kashmir Solidarity Day with passion and reverence

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