Angry over mistreatment of Rohingyas, Pakistanis on Twitter demand that Myanmar Embassy be shut down

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By Web Desk June 6, 2015 15:07

Angry over mistreatment of Rohingyas, Pakistanis on Twitter demand that Myanmar Embassy be shut down

Twitteratis started a trend #ShutMyanmarEmbassy which is one of the most followed trend on the micro-blogging websites.

Some users criticized the government of Pakistan for remaining silent on the issue while others lashed at United Nations over not resolving the crises.

One of the users also wished that Pakistan does not hold bilateral ties with Myanmar.

Saira Mehreen Abbasi demanded Nobel Laureate Aung Saan Suu Kyi to return her prize claiming that “she did not deserve it”.

Turkey was also appreciated for providing shelter to the victims of violence in the country.

Syeda Kazmi urged all the Muslim countries to unite on the issue so that international pressure to be felt.  




Web Desk
By Web Desk June 6, 2015 15:07
  • The Barbaric Burmese Military regime and their actions against

    Since independence of
    Burma on 4 January 1948,Rohingyas are suffering and facing unexpected action of
    19 full- fledged operation with frequently state patronized communal riots,
    have been engineered and carried out of resulting in their death, massive destruction
    of their settlements , holy places of worship, economic bases and expulsion
    from their hearths and homes.

    Followings are some of
    the major armed operations:

    01. Military Operation (5th Burma Regiment) November 1948

    02. Burma Territorial Force (BTF) Operation 1949-50

    03. Military Operation
    (2nd Emergency Chin regiment) March 1951-52

    04. Mayu Operation
    October 1952-53

    05. Mone-thone Operation October 1954

    06. Combined Immigration
    and Army Operation January 1955

    07. Union Military Police (UMP) Operation 1955-58

    08. Captain Htin Kyaw
    Operation 1959

    09. Shwe Kyi Operation October 1966

    10. Kyi Gan Operation October-December 1966

    11. Ngazinka Operation

    12. Myat Mon Operation
    February 1969-71

    13. Major Aung Than
    Operation 1973

    14. Sabe Operation
    February 1974-78

    15. Nagamin Operation
    February 1978-79 (Around 400,000 people have forced migrated from Arakan State

    16. Shwe Hintha
    Operation August 1978-80

    17. Galone Operation 1979

    18. Pyi Thaya Operation

    19. Na-Sa-Ka Operation 1992
    (Around 250, 000 People have forced migrated)

    20. The Genocide has
    started on 3 June 2012, the recent genocidal campaigns against Rohingya have
    been documented by Human Rights Watch ( HRW ) , Amnesty International ( AI )
    and UN as :

    1- At least 20,000
    people killed

    2- At least 3,500 people

    3- At least 1000 Women

    4- At least 25,000
    houses burnt

    5- At least 180,000

    6- At least 100 Masjid
    & Madrasas razed

    World crime & action
    by brutal military regime:

    1. Denial of Citizenship by the act of 1982

    2. Restriction of Movement

    3. Forced Labor

    4. Land Confiscation, Forced Eviction and House

    5. Restrictions on Marriage of Rohingya

    6. Arbitrary Taxation and Extortion

    7. Registration
    of Births and Deaths in Families

    8. Deprivation of Right to Education

    9. Arbitrary arrest, torture and Extra- Judicial

    10. Abuse of Rohingya Women and Elders

    11. Depopulation law against Rohingya community
    by making new population law only 2 children for Rohingya

    12. Undocumented refugees & statelessness

    13. Involvement in human
    trafficking by authority to reduce Rohingya population

    Rohingya prisoners in the neighbor countries (Bangladesh, India, Nepal ,Thailand, Pakistan, Indonesia,
    Malaysia, Saudi Arabia ).

  • False Allegation and
    sending wrong information to the world Media and community by the Burmese
    military regime:

    Arakan State was an
    independent State from 1434 – 1784.

    Arakan state has
    occupied by forced in 1784 by Burmese Bodupaya , in 1826 British empire has
    occupied whole Burma,.

    Burmese military regime is lying to the International community that Rohingya people are coming from
    Bangladesh or illegal migrant etc. which is completely illogical and false.

    They want to eliminate whole the ethnic Rohingya from Arakan State because of religious back ground .

    Actually, Bengali language has completely different dialect and the script is similar to Hindi
    alphabets and the language too.

    Rohingya language is formed from the words of Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, English, Bangla and Burman etc.

    However, Rohingya community does not use the script of Bengali which has taken from India ( Hindi
    Script ) so Rohingya does not learn, read, write or speak Bengali language anywhere.

    Bengali people can’t speak or understand Rohingya language and the dialect too. So, Rohingya
    community can realize it easily when a Bengali person speaks face to face.

    Cultural difference:

    Rohingya peole have own cultural dress, food, communication and other difference habits from Bengali

    Bengali people follow Indian culture, dress and most of things.

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