UPDATED: Alleged Kasur paedophile and molester still at large and threatening families: residents

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By Web Desk August 12, 2015 00:15

UPDATED: Alleged Kasur paedophile and molester still at large and threatening families: residents

Below is the picture of the accused who is threatening families in the village.

More than 400 videos featuring 280 children forced to have sex, have been discovered in Kasur.

Shocking revelations have come to light after an investigation of the house where the child abuse happened was carried out by ARY News.

It came to light that ropes were used to hang some of the children upside down. Furthermore, used injections and spent cartridges were also found inside the house, which local media was describing as a “haveli”.
The local court of Lahore has sent five of the arrest accused to police remand for 28 days.

Trial in military court?


A petition has been filed at the Anti Terrorism Court of Lahore, seeking trial of the child abuse case in military court.

The court admitted the petition, filed by one Aftab Bajwa,  and sought answer from the government whether the case could be taken to a military court.

The petition also urged the court to summon police officer concerned and question them about their action when the child abuse case had been reported.


Judicial commission’s help for probe


Meanwhile, the Punjab Government has written a letter to the Lahore High Court for formation of judicial commission to probe the Kasur child abuse scandal.

The six suspects of the case have been presented to the court and a verdict regarding their plea for bail will be announced shortly.

The ghastly videos also featured one in which a six year-old boy was forced to perform a homosexual act and a 10 year-old girl was filmed being molested by a 14 year-old boy. Most of the victims in the video were under the age of 14.

Punjab Law Minister the minister linked the issue with land dispute and urged media to do responsible reporting on the matter.

He admitted that child abuse cases were being reported in Kasur for last several years.

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Pictures of alleged culprits of Kasur child abuse scandal


Suspects arrested


Another suspect of the scandal has been arrested by the police. The suspect is identified as Usman. The number of arrests made in this connected has reached seven.

The pictures of the alleged perpetrators of the child abuse have also surfaced on social media:



Videos of these sexual assaults and heinous crimes were committed in Hussain Khanwala village in Kasur district. This scandal came to light earlier this week when parents of the victims clashed against police officials who failed to apprehend those who were behind the child abuse crimes. Close to almost 4,000 people had gathered to protest on Dipalpur Road and were dispersed by police, injuring almost two dozen people.The protesters had accused the police of being involved with the criminal gangs who were perpetuating such nefarious activities.

So far only five of the six alleged criminals in this regard have been arrested and are in police custody. However, people claim that these activities were carried out by a gang of 25 young men and teenagers, who were backed by two individual in their 40s.

The filming of such sexual acts began in 2006 and continued till last year, when almost 400 tapes were discovered. In one clip, a boy is seen to be molested by five to six men. Some of the parents recognized their children from the video clips as victims. These videos were filmed at carious locations; in washrooms, fields, abandoned houses and bedrooms.

We have arrested six persons after registering six separate cases against them on the complaints of the victims. Five of the accused are on physical remand while the sixth has obtained pre-arrest bail,” District Police Officer Rai Babar Saeed told The Nation.

A 13 year-old boy was arrested for having sex with another small boy, however, her mother claimed his innocence. “They (producers of the clips) not only molested the children themselves but they also asked the victims to rape each other on camera,” she said.  Another woman claimed “Everyone in this village is a victim. Our children both boys and girls are raped and blackmailed,”

The boys were subjected to such sexual abuse after they were intoxicated with drinks or injected with a drug in their spine.

Tweets condemning the scandal started circulating on Twitter, as the hasghtag #ChildAbuse trended in Pakistan:-


PTI, PPP condemns Kasur incident: The leadership of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) have both condemned the incident.  PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said that the report is a slap on the face of Punjab Government and called it as the world’s worst human rights tragedy. The party has demanded transparent investigation of the incident and said that the culprits must be dealt with accordingly. PTI Chairman Imran Khan has said that he was shocked to hear about the news and will raise the matter in the National Assembly.



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By Web Desk August 12, 2015 00:15


  • hussain


  • Omar Al-Hashemi

    Kiya tum logon ne kabhi kisi masoom bacche ko doodh nahin pilaya
    us ke masoom honton par Allah ka nam nahin suna kiya tum ne kabhi kisi little baby ko lori suna kar nahi solaya
    men 2 sal ke bacche ka bap

    tum log jinhon ne in bacchon ki masoomiyat ko chori karne ki koshish ki
    Tum mard nahi ho tum ghaleez napak nijasat se bhi neech ho tum ghaleez is qabil nahi meri talwar tumhari gardanon ko maray

    Dua karo is zindagi men mere dwo hathon ke beech tumhari gardanen na aen
    I would make you pray for your death

  • Hussain Farooqui

    The heinous crime committed upon the innocent children has definitely caused very adverse effects upon their psychology. The children must undergo very special treatments to remove adverse effects from their psychology, The culprits must not be exonerated at any cost. The culprits have badly damaged our social fabric.

  • Mustafa Aziz

    The wretched “INFLUENTIAL” Monsters, backed by a corrupt police and incompetent public administration system in Punjab and a “Ineffective Justice System”, are mostly at large and are aware that there POLITICAL PARTNERS (whose backing they enjoy and are their partners in these crimes) will ensure that their heinous crimes are swept underr the rug. The entire nation is requested to continously follow up on the case and ENSURE that these DEVILS are given EXAMPLARY PUNISHMENT so that such crimes are totally wiped out of our society.

  • Waqas Ali

    This type of crime even is one child is condemnable and death penalty should be the punishment for this crime, like hanging all the criminals in public.

  • Seema Sophia Kapoor

    I agree but Public stoning. why should they have an easy death. Stoned the lot..

  • Seema Sophia Kapoor

    Each and everybody needs to be stoned to death.

  • Marina

    Hang Them Punish them Brutally..make it such an example that no such Animal ever thinks of abusing any child ever again.. #ChildAbuse

  • sadamalibozdar

    bht Afsoos Hua

  • Ubaid Suleri

    Tie them stonning till death. Torture them for long time as those innocent kids went through years. Make their death so horrible that their brains burst out of their heads. Dont kill them instantly. Really I cant find punishment that fit for them. Dismantle them on a saw and tear them. (The responsible people include Shabaz Sharif, Rana Sanaullah, Malik Ahmed MPA and rest of the accused party they all should be punished the sameway infront of victims and crowd)

  • Mohsin Raza

    CM shahbaz sharif ne pore punjab ko begerat bana k rakh dia. Kesi life guzar rhe hen wahan log behen beti ko choro bete mehfooz nhi. Izzate nafs k siva kia he insan k paas or punjab ki awam se izzate nafs ko khatam kerdia. Punjab me bad tareen gunah horhe hein or khadime aala shahbaz shareef begerat insan or uska bhai nawaz shareef ab ye log suadi shiekh k pas kia kerne jate hein samaj me ane laga he. pore punjab ki parliament farig he in sab ko hissa milta he apne apne ilaqo me ye log ye kaam kerwate hein. Yehi waja he k punjab se aane wale karachi se wapis nhi jate q k unki izzat yahan mehfooz hein. Punjab need immidiate military operation but it will never happen . .

  • ubaid

    No words cant understand such incidents happen for more than 8 years and govt has no clue.?? THEY ARE LIARS THEY KNOW EVERYTHING. Our police, justice system, elected govt. where to go ?? no clue. Instant corrective measures require but what to do with kids of kasur. The children of army public died once but these kasur kids will die everyday untill death. Talal chodry, also looks to belong to Kasur as he says its normal and happen everywhere.

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