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Party positions in the Senate, NA and Sindh Assembly

If the resignations by the MQM in the Senate, National Assembly and Sindh Assembly are eventually accepted and sent to the Election Commission, that would mean bye-elections on dozens of parliamentary seats.

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In such a situation, it would be instructive to know beforehand the party positions in each of these three legislative bodies, since if the resignations were to be accepted, there would be bye-elections, and if the MQM were to (an assumption for now) boycott them, then all kinds of permutations and combinations may follow.

In the National Assembly, the party position is that the MQM has 24 seats out of a house of 342.


Party position in the National Assembly — via the National Assembly’s website


In the Senate, out of a total number of 104 seats, the MQM has eight.


In the Sindh Assembly, out of a total 168 seats, the MQM has 51. The party position is shown below.


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Party positions in the Senate, NA and Sindh Assembly

by Omar R Quraishi