PCB spent Rs. 9.63 mln on officials for Cricket World Cup 2015

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) spent Rs. 9.63 million on officials that were sent to Australia and New Zealand for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015.

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National Assembly, in its question hour, was informed that PCB spent Rs. 18,18,824 on its officials’ daily allowance out of which Rs. 307,800 each were spent on Ejaz Chaudhry, Mansoor Khan, Yousaf Naseem while Rs. 382,660 and Rs. 512,764 were spent on Zakir Khan and Agha Akbar respectively.

Rs. 763,134 were spent on the traveling of the team officials.

The expenses of the PCB officials travelling were recorded at Rs. 3,401,431 out of which Rs. 1,170,694 were spent on Ejaz Chaudhry, Rs. 999,342 on Mansoor Khan, Rs. 1,179,110 on Yousaf Naseem and Rs. 52,285 on Zakir Khan.

The cricket board’s spending on the accommodation of its officials was Rs. 10,35,587 out of which Rs. 277,020 were spent on Ejaz Chaudhry, Rs. 277,020 on Yousaf Naseem and Rs. 481,547 on Zakir Khan.

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