Pemra bans Amir Liaquat’s programme for code of conduct ‘violation’

KARACHI: The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) on Thursday banned Aamir Liaquat’s programme on Bol News for violation of the code of conduct.

The ban comes into effect immediately. The authority said the anchor was preaching “hate speech” in his programme.

The electronic media regulatory authority has also prohibited the anchor from hosting any programme or appearing on TV in any manner, including as a guest, analyst, reporter, actor, or in audio, video beepers, promos or advertisement of his programme.


The Pemra says it took this decision after monitoring several weeks’ footage of the anchor’s programme which aired on the channel in which it was found that Amir Liaquat violated several clauses of Pemra Ordinance and Rules in his programme.

According to Pemra: “If Mr. Amir Liaquat continues to abuse freedom of speech and violates Pemra code of conduct 2015, Pemra Ordinance 2002, Rules and Regulations on any other TV Channel(s), the authority shall invoke section 27 of Pemra Ordinance against that TV channel.”

Pemra warned that it could also suspend license of the BOL News if the management failed to comply with the Pemra order.

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