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PIA offers explanation on record-making ‘pilot sisters’

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) spokesperson on Friday offfered a brief explanation regarding Pakistan’s record making pilot sisters and corrected a number of media houses who reported that the duo has been flying the same aircraft.

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The national carrier’s spokesperson, who broke the news on August 30, explained today that Maryam Masood and Erum Masood have not been flying the same aircraft together, as reported by a number of media houses.

“Few media houses have erroneously reported that they are flying the same aircraft together. This led many to believe as if one had been made captain of Boeing 777, which is not correct,” reads the press release issued by PIA.

The statement adds that both the sisters are First Officers and fly it alongside a Captain.

As Gilani tweeted on August 30 that PIA’s pilot sisters have made history for the airline by flying Boeing-777 concurrently, the news even made it to international media houses, making Pakistan proud.

However, a number of media houses reported that they flew the same jet together.


The picture Gilani shared on August 30- A Moment of Pride for Pakistan.

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PIA offers explanation on record-making ‘pilot sisters’

by Anees Hanif