Picture of Imran Khan’s alleged daughter celebrating birthday surfaces on Twitter

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By Web Desk June 18, 2015 12:04

Picture of Imran Khan’s alleged daughter celebrating birthday surfaces on Twitter

In the picture, Tyrian can be seen standing side by side with Imran Khan’s sons Qasim Khan and Sulaiman Isa Khan. The three children pose with radiating smiles.

Tyrian White has been alleged to be prominent Pakistani ex cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan’s daughter. Tyrian’s mother, Sita White had also stated that Khan was the father of their daughter. Sita White had passed away suddenly due to a heart attack in 2004.

Jemima also posted a picture from her official Instagram account of Tyrian with both of her sons.


Happy Birthday to Tyrian @tyrianwhite #family

A photo posted by @khanjemima on


Imran Khan has always denied charges and accusations that he was the father of Tyrian White.





Web Desk
By Web Desk June 18, 2015 12:04
  • paras

    @paras_jahanzeb amazing brave lady jemima khan. even when IK put marrige news under the wrap jemima discloed it

  • 4Wives

    Whatever he is still my leader. Men have a lot of freedom and rights and things can happen and that does not make them any less capable!

  • Shekky

    Omar quraishi hitting a new low. Publishing tweets from a fake account. That is Sarahjawadkhan.

  • Ali NYC

    It seems Jammima is a very nice person. She is looking after Tyrian Khan even though she isn’t her daughter.

  • asgher

    Why are we always looking for tarnishing the personal matters of others? It is Ramadan and we should refrain from such things.

  • SK

    If this was an Islamic society (as Imran Khan wants), both him and Sita would have been flogged or whipped 100 times for fornication. Sita would not be able to inherit from her father as an illegitimate child. The Islamic rules against fornication and adultery naturally create a very large stigma against illegitimate kids (even though each kid does not bear the sins of another person). It is only because of the secular society Tyrian is not stigmatized and her stepmom even includes her in events.

  • Ash

    You must not hide the truth. A Paternity test shows he is her Father, why deny it just because it is Ramadan. Only Muslims close their eyes to things they do not wish to see.

  • asgher

    Yes ASH Muslims do every evil thing in the world and racist people like you are being robbed cheated and bullied by us..

  • asgher

    By the way read world history and you will find Most Insane double standards and hypocrite practices were introduced and implemented by NON-MUSLIMS

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