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Unique prisoner switching at Sargodha jail exposes security

SARGODHA: The Sargodha prison on Saturday witnessed an unprecedented security loophole when one of the prisoners allegedly swapped himself with his brother with connivance of jail officials, ARY News reported.

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A convict, identified as Sibtain, returned home from Sargodha’s Shahpur prison when he got his brother detained in his place to secure a release. The unique incident exposed much-talked red alert at prisons in Punjab. Sibtain was convicted in the drugs case.

The prisoner resumed drugs dealing shortly after getting released fraudulently, however he had an encounter with his opponent crook who revealed the entire episode.

The administration of the prison tried to keep its corruption and poor performance in hiding, but ARY News unfolded the truth.

Moreover, the IG Prisons has taken notice of the ARY News’ report and ordered an inquiry into the matter.

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Unique prisoner switching at Sargodha jail exposes security

by Kashif Imran