‘Protest politics’ will fail miserably like it failed in 2014, says PM

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By Web Desk October 10, 2016 21:20

‘Protest politics’ will fail miserably like it failed in 2014, says PM

ISLAMABAD: As Pakistan Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) gears to stage a historical protest in the federal capital on October 30, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Monday said the elements willing to paralyse the country “would miserably fail” again in their newest attempts to derail democracy in the country.

“They earlier failed in their 2014 attempt, and will again fail this time as well,” said the prime minister while chairing a meeting of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Central Working Committee.

Party members of the committee attended the meeting from all the provinces in which political situation in the context of PTI protest in Islamabad to press its demand for Panama Leaks probe was discussed in detail.

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Apparently pointing at PTI, he said development and progress of the country were the heart of PML-N’s agenda; however, certain people wanted to disrupt this process.

They only believed in the politics of protests, the prime minister added.

The premier maintained that democracy in a country does give a right to protest, but to an extent.

Chairman PTI Imran Khan had already termed the month-end ‘Sit-in Plus’ in Islamabad as a decisive moment in his 20 years of political life in Pakistan.

Khan said the centre was confused due to his party’s announced protest but Islamabad’s siege would continue until results were achieved.


Kashmir Cause

Turning his attention over the conflict in Kashmir, the Prime Minister said India was sadly ‘mistaken’ to equate freedom fighters with terrorists and vowed Pakistan’s continued support to the cause o Kashmir.

“I am committed to the Kashmir cause. No power in the world can stop us from supporting the freedom struggle of Kashmiris,” he stressed while reiterating that Burhan Wani was a freedom fighter.

Wani was the pride of Kashmiris, and “No one can deprive him of that pride,” he added.

The Indian government has repeatedly criticised PM Nawaz for calling Wani a ‘martyr’ who was killed in a gun battle with Indian in held Kashmir on July 8.

His death sparked the worst sell of violence to hit the Himalayan region since 2010.


Energy Crisis

On the matter of ongoing energy crisis in the country, the premier said his government was working day and night to overcome energy crisis by 2018.

He announced that over 10,000 megawatts of power would be added to the national grid in two years.

PM Nawaz said land for the construction of Bhasha dam had been acquired, for which an amount of Rs 100 billion had been released.

He said mining process was underway in Thar while coal-based power plants were being installed – entirely new projects in the last 70 years.

The premier said the over situation of law and order in the country was improving significantly, with improved developments in the economy. He also showed satisfaction over the ongoing operation in Karachi against terrorists and banned outfits.

Regarding the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), the prime minister claimed that the project worth 46-billion would benefit the province of Balochistan the most.



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By Web Desk October 10, 2016 21:20
  • Junaid Ashfaq

    People of Pakistan’s life is at risk . The Group Of Idiots (PMLN) and their leader called himself a politician just not more than a hypocrite and a thief. Shame for those who support him. Nawaz and his family doing zina with pakistan for long and PPPP helping them . An illiterate idiot prime minister. wake up people of pakistan but i will doubting they are not .

  • marky

    if shameless people like you are incharge of the country, what can yo do.

  • Salman

    Junaid, you hit the nail on the head, absolutely correct. NS is an illiterate ‘BUSINESSMAN’ (with a Capital B), who cannot string a sentence together without making a bumbling mistake. Yet, he goes on foreign trips and supposedly discusses internal and external issues as if he has indepth knowledge and experience on the subject given, when we have far, far better statesmen who exude confidence on an international level and are eloquent in speech and conviction. He can wear all the expensive Saville Row suits from London, but when he opens his mouth (not to eat) his so called sophistication falls flat. His backhand deals with Modi needs to be exposed as for selfish ‘self-interest’ motives only.

  • Navid Hasan

    We know YOU will not FAIL, you will NOT resign and you WILL stay…DESPITE Panama Corruption LeaK and all you will STAY, No accountability for YOU, you are UN-ACCOUNTABLE, UNTOUCHABLE You are LIKE A KING WHO CAN’T BE Hold accountable,…… Hazrat AbuBakr (RA), Hazrat UMAR(RA), Hazrat Usman(RA), HAZRAT ALI (RA) were accountable for their deeds as Ameer Ul Momineen…… But You Mr. Nawaz Sharif No one can Ask you for Accountability…..And those who speak against you CAN’T speak as they are under a MONARCHY, a BADSHAHAT….BADSHAH SALAMAT…. Imran ki kia MAJAL keh wo app key khilaf Jaloos Nikaley/Protest Karey….App tou Har Cheez sey Mubbarraa HEIN….

  • Mark Dawson

    The name of our beloved country is The Islamic Republic of Pakistan, while the majority of our population live their lives to the principals of our religion; the majority of our politicians do not. They steal, cheat, tell lies, murder and are involved in everything that our religion forbids.
    We the people of Pakistan are either blind to their deeds or complicit in their deeds or just don’t care enough to seek a change from these despicable and unworthy people who call themselves politicians. It is high time now, we demand a change! How can we carry on living like this knowing well enough how these politicians have looted our beloved country? Every Pakistani knows their names. We must all come together are work for change and forget about the TORs, The Parliament, the NAB, the FIA and all the other toothless establishments this present government has established. None of them will bring justice.
    Let’s wake up and work together to a new dawn for us and our children!

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