PSM aims to increase production up to 50pc in January 2015

KARACHI: The production of Pakistan Steel Mills (PSM) has witnessed astounding growth due to administrative measures and timely procurement of tranches of government’s bailout package, ARY News has learnt.

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According to PSM spokesman Shazim Akhter, the current production capacity has reached 45 per cent of 1.1 Mtn per annum and its embattled to achieve more than 50 per cent CAPU (capacity utilization) during the month of January 2015.

He said administration of PSM is ensuring required maintenance of plants and continuous supply of raw material by procuring  government’s financial package as well as on the basis of self-help.

It essential to mention that the Hot Metal Mixer (HMM) in the Steel Making Department (SMD), considered as an essential part of making homogenous steel has been made functional by the Engineers and Technicians of PSM, which was broken for last 4 years, since 2010. The repair of HMM will further help to achieve better production target.

Shazim Akhter further informed that blast furnace which went out of order last week has been repaired and it is now working in full capacity.

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PSM aims to increase production up to 50pc in January 2015

by Zohaib Kazmi