Ramazan Recipe: Fruit Chaat

Fruit Chaat is one of the most simplest dishes to prepare and is one of the healthy delicacies to be devoured at Iftar throughout the holy month of Ramazan.

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– Four to six Bananas
– One Guava
– One Mango
– One Melon
– One Apple
– One bunch of grapes
– Four tablespoons of Lemon juice
– One Cup sweet lime
– 1/2 cup sugar syrup
– Chaat masala (according to taste)
– Salt (according to taste)


– Cut all the fruits into small pieces
– The Add salt, lemon juice and sugar syrup in bowl and mix it well.
-The add all the fruits and then refrigerate it for an hour or two.
– Then add chaat masala and serve.


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Ramazan Recipe: Fruit Chaat

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