Rangers arrest two MQM leaders in Nine Zero raid

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By Web Desk July 17, 2015 10:27

Rangers arrest two MQM leaders in Nine Zero raid

The paramilitary force also conducted a raid at the residence of another MQM leader Hyder Abbas Rizvi but no arrest made.

This is the second raid by Rangers on MQM headquarters this year.

Rangers personnel surrounded Nine Zero and cordoned off all entry and exit points leading to the area.

MQM Rabita Committee members Qamar Mansoor and Kaiful Wara along with Sufian Yousuf and Azeem Farooqui were arrested during the raid. Sufian Yousuf and Azeem Farooqui were released after questioning, while Kaiful Wara and Qamar Mansoor were transferred to some undisclosed location.

MQM’s leader Nadeem Nusrat talking to ARY News said that Rangers personnel going beyond to their powers and criticized the paramilitary force for conducting raid on Nine Zero without any lawful order.

According to a press release of Sindh Rangers, Qamar Mansoor and Kaiful Warah were arrested from Azizabad on the charges of “arranging and facilitating hate speeches against the peace of Karachi”.

The officers of Sindh Rangers have been targeted in “those violence inciting speeches”, it said.

“A list of such facilitators has been finalised and more arrests will be made in near future,” said the handout.

Rangers personnel also entered the Khursheed Memorial Hall at Nine Zero where, according to reports, they carried out a search operation before leaving Nine Zero.

According to a statement published on the MQM’s website, Rangers personnel searched various offices and also took away several documents with them.

The raid comes days after MQM chief Altaf Hussain criticised Rangers and accused the latter of violating the army code of conduct.



Web Desk
By Web Desk July 17, 2015 10:27
  • Ameer Paul

    Only two arrested? Where are others, gone underground? Arrest them and prosecute them.

  • Muhammad Ahmad

    Now the government is brainwashing us, and want us to forget about Allama Iqbal and his writings. The same year, there was no holiday on 21st april, Allama iqbal’s death anniversary.

  • Raza

    Allama Iqbal is the only scholar in the history of mankind who have created a nation….If you want to destroy a nation then first you have to destroy the ideology of that nation and the creator of that ideology (Iqbal)………unfortunately our government is one of those people you have never accept Pakistan as a nation

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