Zaid Hamid caused ‘defamation of Pakistan’, laments Rasheed

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By Web Desk July 4, 2015 23:30

Zaid Hamid caused ‘defamation of Pakistan’, laments Rasheed

Taking exception to Zaid Hamid on the occasion of an Iftar dinner at Aiwan-e-Iqbal, Pervez Rasheed said the defense analyst caused ‘defamation of Pakistan’.

However, he said the Foreign Office (FO) of Pakistan is looking after the matter and is in contact with the Saudi authorities.

When asked about rigging allegations by Tehreek-i-Insaf, the minister declined to comment until the judicial commission does not announce its verdict.

Rasheed, however, suggested Imran Khan to be cautious from his ‘close friends’ regarding 35 punctures issue.

In response to a query about Muttahida Qaumi Movement, he said the government is in touch with the UK authorities with regard to Altaf Hussain and MQM, however the matter will be discussed after the evidences come forth.

In his word about the National Action Plan, Pervez Rasheed said the attorney general will present the government’s stance in the Supreme Court, yet it is not a plan to be executed within a day and is being acted upon phase by phase.

A couple of weeks ago, Zaid Hamid had been arrested in Saudi Arabia for reportedly criticizing the Kingdom for its aggressive stance in Yemen.

A Saudi court also sentenced the defense analyst to 1,000 lashes and 8 years of imprisonment.

Pakistan’s Foreign Office is trying these days to obtain consular access to Hamid. He had been in Saudi Arabia for offering Umrah.



Web Desk
By Web Desk July 4, 2015 23:30
  • fareedquraishi

    Is freedom of expression amounts to defamation but the timings and place was wrong where Mr Zaid Hamid used his right to speak. He must have abode KSA rules.

  • Saleem Haq

    Just let the military take the accountability of these democratic ministers and then the entire Pakistan and the world would know about those who brought death, destruction, all sorts of miseries and defamation to Pakistan and Pakistanis all around the world. It is because of these thugs that we Pakistanis are considered as garbage around the world!

  • Alansaralhaq

    Someone tell pervez Rashid that people like him are an embarrassment to Pakistan and reason why we are treated the way we are.

    It’s the zardari and sharifs that have made Pakistan a laughing stock.

    Pervez Rashid is on someone’s leash.
    The one holding his leash is a bigger canine.

    Nawaz Sharif government now have agreements like US and UK to detain people in foreign lands under a pretext.

    In the case of Pakistanis it is in Saudi.

    Pity the fool who makes a mockery of Umrah for political oibt scoring.

    Shame on pathetic regime in Saudi and it’s a disgrace to be Pakistani because spineless cowardly traitors are in power.

    Surely the Pak military need to speak with Saudi because clearly the corrupt civilian government will not.

  • ashfaq kiyani

    Zahid hamid is a citizen of pakistan. Government of pakistan should step forward and make necessary arrangements with saudi arabia for his immediate release. If Saudis don’t agree the government must pull back all our armed forces and tell then that we will cut all the diplomatic ties. This is the matter of dignity of the nation.

  • rana1

    No proof that Mr.Zaid made any speech in Saudia.He was in Saudia to do Umra and visit Medina.We need a statement from Mr.Zaid to know the truth.As far as Palistani politicians are concerned,they are not even near the shadow of Mr.Zaid.We need more of Zaid’s in pakistan.

  • Demril Shaikh

    101% Agreed…

  • Demril Shaikh

    Nawaz Sharif is Saudi Kings slave… you think he will ever go against his masters for a defence analyst? Rasheed is a dirt bag…all the incompetent ministers of PMLN n PPP are busy talking shyt against Imran khan…and completely ignoring their jobs…corrupt incompetent ministers.. and their PM…shame on our politicians..

  • Qaseem Siddiqui

    To me, Mr Nawaz Sharif must protest for Zaid Hamid who has been sincere man for Pakistan.Zaid Hamid must be released from Saudi Arabia .

  • Saleem Haq

    Ten Thumbs up!

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