RAW agent arrested from Thatta reveals

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By Web Desk April 19, 2016 13:01

RAW agent arrested from Thatta reveals

Saddam Hussain aka Roshan Machi had shot pictures of several areas including Faisal and Mehran airbase before he was arrested.

He revealed that he would make missed calls to India to communicate with the authorities. Later, he would receive calls from them and would communicate in secret code words. Previously, he was provided the code 226 which was later changed to 201.

RAW agent’s shocking revelations by arynews
Saddam also revealed their names and said that he used to meet Narender, Surinder, Arjun and Karan Singh within the territorial sea limits disguised as fisherman in a boat from Thatta.

He said that they had ordered him to develop maps and photographs of several areas including fisheries, Kemari, Dalmia, Karsaz, Faisal and Mehran airbase.



Web Desk
By Web Desk April 19, 2016 13:01
  • mansoor

    There is ample evidence to suggest that Indian RAW is very active in Pakistan and playing an instrumental role in destabilizing the country. Yet there appears to be a very systematic and strong indian lobbying underway in Pakistan
    facilitated largely by our media and politicians many of whom appear to be on
    Indias payroll.
    As a result the rhetoric is very different on this side of the border where
    our sold out media and politicians mostly have a muted response and they tend
    to shy away from unveiling any anti India news regardless of how grave a threat
    it might be to the country’s national security. We have not heard anything in last 2 weeks on Yadavs fate and I will not be surprised if the RAW agents r provided a safe exit by Nawaz and his cronies given the heavy tilt of Nawaz towards India and Modi.

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