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Remembering the Queen of Melody

Today marks the 14th death anniversary of legendary playback singer and the queen of melody of subcontinent Madam Noor Jehan. The woman that stood against all the odds and made a unique identity of Pakistan is known for her courage. Noor Jehan is the stage name of Allah Wasai, one of the most popular singer-actress of subcontinent who had a career that spanned more than six decades. One of the most inspirational and influential singer of South Asia died on 23rd December 2000 in Karachi.

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Written by Faiz Ahmad Faiz sung by Madam Noor Jehan the beautiful amalgamation of two legends has taken this iconic poem to different heights. You should listen to this one it makes you puzzle what to praise the mind blowing lyrics or the beautiful voice.

The song that released some six decades ago in 1952 is as fresh as it was sung yesterday that is the reason that it has been remixed again and again but the original version remains unbeatable. ‘Sab jag soye hum jaagein taaron se karein baatein Chandni Raaatein from film Dupatta.

This melodious song is from a Punjabi film, it is such a beautiful and expressive song that it will make your head spin with the beats even if you don’t understand a single word uttered by the vocalist. ‘Sanu nair wale pul de bula kay’ this song is from the film Dukh Sajna Da.

This song was sung by courageous lady Noor Jehan during the war time of 1965, this made many soldiers to grip their heart for the sake of the country. The song with extreme nostalgia became the inspiration of many soldiers as it was played countless time on radio just to motivate our soldiers. It acted as a morale booster to entire Pakistan Army who stood firm against India. ‘Aey Watan ke Sajeelay Jawanon’ song still has the same significance as it was sung by the melody queen.

The lady knew well what impact her voice will have on world that is why she has said it all in this song. Gayegi Duniya Geet Mere is a song from movie ‘Mousiqar’ released in 1962 and it has sung by many renowned singers to pay tribute to Madam but none has matched the class of Melody Queen.

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Remembering the Queen of Melody

by Hira