Saif Ali Khan backs down; apologizes to Pakistani artists and people

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By Web Desk September 7, 2015 12:40

Saif Ali Khan backs down; apologizes to Pakistani artists and people

Phantom movie turned out to be a ‘trouble in paradise’ sort of situation for Saif Ali Khan. Phantom managed to pull off impressive numbers at the box office, but also seemed to make Pakistanis across the border irate. The Bollywood actor had given controversial statements at the time of his film’s release and even went so far as to state that he had lost faith in Pakistan. Apparently, Saif made some amends for his hard-hitting statements in a recent interview.

Saif stated that he had collaborated with Pakistani artists before, Fakahr-e-Alam particularly. He also said that he had a lot of respect for the country’s people and their artists.

“I never meant to upset the sentiments of the Pakistani people and artistes, who I wish the very best for always. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have come there on shows and worked with Pakistani musicians and artistes in our production. Neither did I mean to insult the censor board. I have repeatedly said that they must have their own issues and pressures and laws but no one has noticed these comments of mine. I have worked with Fakhr-e-Alam on shows he was hosting in Pakistan and I thought we got along very well. I am a well wisher of his.”

The Bollywood actor also shed light in his statement about losing his faith in Pakistan and cleared the air about what he meant.

“First of all I’m nobody to say that I have faith or don’t have faith in a country in general. My comments were made purely in terms of censorship. In the forum that we were discussing things we were told that the film is being banned before the censors have seen it. So my comment was purely in light of that. I’ve made 50 other comments in my own way trying to support our relationship with Pakistan,” he said.

Saif Ali Khan also said that whenever his films such as Agent Vinod or Phantom portrayed Pakistani soldiers, they gave it due importance.

“Whenever we have presented Pakistani soldiers or even ISI agents in our films they have been what we thought as strong and complimentary portrayals.”

In the ed, Saif Ali Khan wondered how he got sucked into all of this and said that he wanted to make films like Race and earn money at the box office, rather than ‘break hearts’.

“I love my family in Pakistan and I love so many things about Pakistan. I am not a very political person or a judgmental one. I am an actor and an artiste. I’m still trying to figure out how quickly I got sucked into this .I tell you what: Indo-Pak subjects have been done to death! Total fatigue and boredom is on the cards if we don’t stop! I for one would much rather release Race like we did and break records rather than break hearts and cause stress to us all.”



Web Desk
By Web Desk September 7, 2015 12:40
  • Ansar Ali Akash

    After making Agent Vinod and Phantom, after ruining the image of Pakistan in these Bollywood movies these Indian pigs and their supporters in Pakistan are saying we didn’t mean to hurt Pakistan or Pakistanis. Is this a joke or what? I used to like his movies but now I hate this person. I really hate you Mr. Saif. I won’t stop watching your movies cuz its entertainment for us. I’ll never go cinema. I’ll watch pirated.

  • ajmalkhattak

    Every Indian Muslim know Pakistan is their insurance policy without Pakistan hindus will chew them alive and “Ghar Wapsi” like schemes will turned them Hindu or kick them out or kill them, its because of Pakistan all the minorities are safe in India.



  • IronPatriot

    iss ko kehtay hain “thook kay chaatna”

  • John

    Bollywood khans are backed by Northern area Afghans who are anti-Pakistan. Saif ali khan was told by Karzayi to humiliate Pakistan.

  • JJ

    So Saif Sahib, your a liar too. First you try to humiliate a nation, then you say you didn’t meant it, Go hide you face in the Ganda River, I mean Ganga River.

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