Salman, Asif & Amir’s inclusion will tarnish PSL’s image: Ramiz

By AFP September 23, 2015 18:32

Salman, Asif & Amir’s inclusion will tarnish PSL’s image: Ramiz

Former captain Butt and pacemen Asif and Amir were cleared by the International Cricket council (ICC) to return to competitive cricket from Sept. 2 after serving bans for a fixing scandal in 2010.

The trio has been put under strict monitoring by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and local media have ruled out an international return for any of them before February.

The inaugural PSL, to be held in February in either United Arab Emirates or Doha, is likely to feature them but Raja feared it would be a setback for the image of the Twenty20 competition which will also feature players including Kevin Pietersen, Shakib Al Hasan and Dwayne Bravo.

“I have solid views regarding this matter. The crime committed by them is unforgivable,” Ramiz, told a private news channel.

“I personally would never want them to be a part of the PSL as it is going to be extremely dangerous for the model of the event and image of Pakistan cricket.”

He resented the trio being allowed to use Lahore’s National Cricket Academy for their rehabilitation.

“They get special treatment at the NCA. They are provided with young players to train with, they get their clothes washed and have food at the academy. This is not acceptable,” he said.

Twenty20 leagues in India and Bangladesh have been hit by corruption scandals and Ramiz, who played 57 tests between 1984-1997, said PSL organizers must be vigilant against the menace.

“With involvement of money comes in the potential of corruption, but avoiding such circumstances totally depends on high quality management and organizing skills.”



By AFP September 23, 2015 18:32
  • Waqar Khan

    I agree with Ramiz to an extent that corruption and match
    fixing must be stopped or at least minimized a significant level.

    The point I disagree with respect is that all of them did
    their term for their crime. If we gauge all crimes by Ramiz’s caliper all
    crimes should be sentence to lifetime band regardless of any thing. My point is the level of crime committed
    gives punishment, you cannot hang a person for match fixing although it’s a

    Whole world saw the consequences of their act and upcoming youth
    got the point. So I my opinion they should get a chance.


    Waqar khan


  • Ifzal Syed

    Don’t beat around the bush, go for the root cause, the trunk to get rid of the menance. The root cause of match fixing is Indian bookies, who have now got involved in many other international sports for the quick money. Ban them, and sports will be clean.

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