Salman-Shah Rukh's reunion kept Aamir awake for whole night

Shah Rukh, Salman and Aamir Khan are the three most sought-after superstars of Bollywood and their fans always want to see them together. Buzz is that the recent statement of Aamir Khan gives some positive omens for trio’s future equation.

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News of the two Khans’ patch-up at Salman’s sister sangeet has gone viral on social media. When the third Khan Aamir Khan was asked about it, he said Salman and Shah Rukh did not let me sleep for the entire night.

Aamir Khan shares a brotherly bond with Salman Khan and he thinks that Salman and Shah Rukh should create a good equation now, so when he was asked about the recent development in their relationship he said, “I got to know about their patch-up and they kept me up for whole night. Salman and Shah Rukh first informed me about their meeting around 1:20 am that night and then they called at 2:30 am and we did a face-time call that went up till early morning”.  Aamir was leaving to attend Salman’s sister wedding when he gave this statement on Mumbai airport.

Salman Khan’s sister Arpita Khan did what many bollywooders could not do, she brought the Khans together who were in serious rivalry for last decade. Arpita also shared a picture on social media of sharing warm moment with her two favorite Khans.


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Salman-Shah Rukh's reunion kept Aamir awake for whole night

by Hira