Saudi navy evacuates diplomats from Yemen's Aden: TV

RIYADH: Saudi warships have evacuated dozens of foreign diplomats from Yemen’s main southern city Aden, state television reported on Saturday, as the kingdom leads an air war against advancing Shiite rebels.

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“Saudi naval forces carried out Operation Tornado to evacuate dozens of diplomats, including Saudis, from Aden,” the television said.

“They arrived later in Jeddah aboard two Saudi naval vessels.”

The evacuation to Saudi Arabia followed deadly fighting in Aden between supporters and opponents of President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi, who took refuge in the port city last month after fleeing the rebel-held capital.

Hadi arrived in Egypt on Friday for a summit with Arab allies, a day after he surfaced in Riyadh.

He went into hiding earlier in the week as rebel forces bore down on Aden and a warplane attacked the presidential palace.

A Saudi-led coalition has carried out three nights of air strikes against the Iranian-backed Huthi rebels and their allies to try to prevent Hadi’s fall.

The situation has become increasingly tense in Aden with rebel forces clashing with anti-Huthi militiamen in several areas.

On Friday, at least eight people were killed in fighting around the city’s international airport. -AFP

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Saudi navy evacuates diplomats from Yemen's Aden: TV

by Zohaib Kazmi