Shahrukh, Akshay tweeted against Pakistan; here is how Pakistanis responded

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By Web Desk September 30, 2016 00:27

Shahrukh, Akshay tweeted against Pakistan; here is how Pakistanis responded

After the so-called “surgical strike” against Pakistan, Bollywood biggies Shahrukh Khan and Akshay Kumar, along with a number of other Indian celebrities tweeted in praise of Indian forces who actually violated the cease fire along the Line Of Control (LoC).

After watching their favourite stars tweet against Pakistan, Pakistani fans were first disappointed but then quickly responded to their appreciation of false claims by their forces.




A huge number of Pakistanis replied to Shahrukh Khan and Akshay Kumar (who said “it was about time”) and silenced the Indians.

Here we are presenting you the best tweets that Pakistanis did while responding to the duo.



Web Desk
By Web Desk September 30, 2016 00:27
  • joe

    u lost more than half of ur country(1971) you want to loose more .please pak pe tarAS KHAO

  • Tahir

    ur army chief was in control room and u have video evidence and drone evidence when will video be released in divali or still in making…. what a jokers

  • Teri maa ka Bhosda

    sharif $ sharif brothers milkar sare pakis ko bhikhari bna denge

  • Who is John Galt :)

    Wow, India has attracted on terrorists camp and by the act of acceptance as attack on them, Pakistani are taking responsibility of being terrorist.

  • Omar


  • shahid mahmood

    Millions killed, millions displaced, millions maimed and injured during the partition, 1947 war, 1965 war, 1971 war, 1999 war. So were are we going now? WAR. Albert Einstein describing Insanity says, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Is it is intrinsic in our blood and mindset that we are a nations of war mongers, or is about time we started learning lessons of peace. Leaders start wars good people stop them, It fills me with despair when we describe the loss of life as smithereens and collateral damage.

  • dam hein to samny se akar kaho kameno chup chup k war karte ho

  • Allah’s

    All Pakistanis hs gone mad….

  • Allah

    Pakistaniyo tumhari maa Ki….

  • Sanjay

    Indians are terrorist faggots are a coward nation

  • ZI

    Mr Shahrukh & Akshay…
    Yah Kisi Film Ka Hissa Nai Hay Jahan JHOOT Ya Fazool WaWahe Chal Jay Gi … Every Think Is On Record…

  • Salman

    To be honest, you can’t blame them on their patrioism for supporting their army, it’s a different matter if they start to make derogatory and war mongering remarks against the Pakistani army or Pak celebrities. Unfortunately, the Bollywood fraternity has been hijacked by the views of the extremist mindsets. You are either with us or against us and if you are not loyal we will bring you down or smear you. Feel sorry for Karan, Om and others who are now the ‘enemy within’ or ‘self hating Indians’, just for espousing their views on the way Pakistani celebrities have been treated and NOT touching on the subject of whether the surgical strike was justified or not.

    I guess the meme will be wear a army type moustache if you support your army. Akshay looks awesome though!

    You have to admire the coolness and unfazed demeanor of the Pakistani army from juniors to seniors.

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