Shahzad Roy releases teaser trailer for upcoming song ‘Jind Jaan’

Shahzad Roy teased the trailer for his upcoming song Jind Jaan which features Zoe Viccaji’s vocals as well.

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When Shahzad Roy, Iman Ali and Zoe Viccaji  come together for a project, you instantly know it’s going to be big. The Zindabad singer is all set to release his latest and second single of 2016 titled Jind Jaan. In order to show fans just a glimpse of what the song’s video would be like, Roy teased the trailer for the upcoming song.

Shahzad Roy seems to be playing a tough guy in the video, as he cocks a gun and essays a macho character. Iman Ali undoubtedly will be playing his love interest in the song video. Zoe Viccaji can also be seen in a brief shot, crooning the lyrics of the song.

Shahzad Roy released his first ever single of 2016 titled Zindabad which was in tribute to Pakistan. The patriotic theme of the song and its uplifting tune was fairly popular with masses.

So far, fans can only contend with a ‘coming soon’ from Roy since he has not yet revealed the release date.

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Shahzad Roy releases teaser trailer for upcoming song ‘Jind Jaan’

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