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Some Pakistan MNAs have ‘Axact’ degrees: Gabol

KARACHI: Former Member of National Assembly (MNA) Pakistan Nabil Gabol on Tuesday claimed that he personally knows some MNAs who have degrees from Axact operated fake universities, ARY News reported.

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Expressing his views in ARY News show ’11th Hour’, Gabol said that the scandal has put Pakistan’s national image at stake as a number of ‘fake’ professionals with fake degrees from Axact will be operating around the world.

“Imagine a doctor playing with people’s lives or a politician playing with people’s future”, remarked Gabol.

Gabol who recently triggered a political storm by his revelations about rigging in May 2013 general elections in Pakistan claimed that one or two MNAs  personally told him that they got their degrees from some ‘Barkley University’.

“Now I know that it is a ‘fake’ online university operated by Axact”, said Gabol.

The former MNA stressed that the firm’s CEO Shoaib Sheikh should clear himself of all charges against the court as it is a matter of Pakistan’s prestige.

Earlier on Twitter, Gabol claimed that he actually knows a ‘dozen’ MNAs who have taken such degrees but then he did not know it was fake as the Axact scam was not yet exposed.

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A detailed NYT report written by New York Times Pakistan Bureau Chief Declan Walsh  outlined how local IT company Axact – referred to as the “secretive Pakistani software company” – allegedly earned millions of dollars from scams involving fake degrees, non-existent online universities and manipulation of customers

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