Stories of Reham Khan hitting Imran absolute lies, says Mazari

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By Web Desk November 5, 2015 16:52

Stories of Reham Khan hitting Imran absolute lies, says Mazari

In a statement issued here, Ms Mazari regretted that rumours are being given out by the media about the breakup of Chairman Khan’s marriage to Reham Khan.

On behalf of the Chairman, she said, “I wish to categorically state that all stories of vast monetary settlements made to Reham Khan are absolutely false and lies deliberately being floated to target Reham Khan and Imran Khan.”

She said no PTI leader was privy to either discussion of Khan’s marriage nor of the divorce. Accusations of party leaders being a cause of the divorce are fabrications, she added.

Khan’s spokesperson said the party leadership had always kept out of the Chairman’s personal affairs and continues to do so.

“It is unfortunate that the media is floating all manner of rumours and conjectures about the divorce of Imran Khan and Reham Khan at a time when both are going through a difficult personal time as are their families, especially their children,” said Mazari.



Web Desk
By Web Desk November 5, 2015 16:52
  • S. Israr Ali

    What Ms Mazari by her statement sought to suggest, is not clear! Despite releasing long statement, one finds himself going through it in zero position without any conclusion. Let Reham and Imran Khan themselves declare in a joint statement, if have separated or if not, to nip all the rumors in the bud. This is so simple. Reham Khan is a human person not a chattel or commodity. She has every right to live her own life not as slave of any one but as a free and independent person. Independence and freedom of women appears not going well with Imran Khan with typical medieval mindset though claiming himself broad minded, a liberal and a demagogue. Earlier with Jemima too, he could not carry a sustainable relationship.

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