Sweets from India rejected by Pakistani soldiers at Wagah

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By Web Desk July 18, 2015 20:54

Sweets from India rejected by Pakistani soldiers at Wagah

Even today, Pakistan gave a befitting reply to unprovoked Indian firing across the Line of Control (LOC) at Rawlakot. Pakistan replied to the Indian firing with their own and silenced the Indian guns.

Pakistani soldiers at Wagah border refused to accept sweets from India, on the occasion of Eid. Tensions have been mounting high between both nuclear armed nations, after Pakistan has repeatedly accused Indian intelligence agency RAW of carrying out terrorist attacks inside Pakistan. On 15th July, Pakistan Army shot down, what it termed as an Indian spy drone, near its border with India.

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Web Desk
By Web Desk July 18, 2015 20:54
  • S.H. Khan, MD

    That is not “befitting”. It is a snub. The fact is both the countries need to refrain from aggression and resolve their disputes in a mature and amicable fashion. ‘Tit for tat’ gives momentary satisfaction, but leads nowhere. Both the countries have real problems they need to concentrate upon. The wars, war mongering and all the posturing since independence, has cost lives, brought pain and not solved anything. Both sides need to acknowledge the problems that exist between them and sit down seriously to resolve them. Many problems that we have in Pakistan are of our own making. If our own house was in order, we would not have to worry so much about others causing trouble. The endemic corruption, corrupt leadership and sense of deprivation in certain geographical regions (East Pakistan then, Baluchistan now), creates fertile ground for trouble. Our priorities are misplaced. We spend next to nothing on education (even as the majority of the country is illiterate!), while defense gets the lion’s share. It is the opposite in advanced countries. If things continue as such, Pakistan will go about destroying itself. Any ‘enemy’ country need only sit back and watch.

  • Ameer Paul

    Good gesture from Pakistani Rangers. We do not need their Sweets, we have far better one of our own.

  • nosheen memon

    ok sweeto

  • Dear Pakistani brothers…….
    I advice you guys to read Indian News too………. India reports the life lost from Indian side, the next day Pakistan reports its loss.
    Please think ! think! think why India wants to waste our time by attacking you?what’s our benefit?
    please understand that your Navas Sharif and Pak Army are not friends……whenever navas initiate a friend ship with India, the Army doesn’t like that. They fire India to help terrorists to cross the border. The army is trying to fool you. Please notice that whenever an internal issue in Pakistan then they fire to India to divert you. Allah promise………..believe or not up to you

  • well said….. but believe me Pakistani Army is doesn’t care its peoples life, they just want to fire India. Why you want to send terrorists to India every day?whats their gain ?shouting Kashmir Kashmir ,India India…….. is enough for you? Please look into other countries they live peacefully…….

  • S.H. Khan, MD

    I think The problems lie on both sides. Blaming the opponent entirely, does not solve anything.

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