Taare Zameen Par kid turns into dashing young boy


Childstar and a protagonist of super duper movie Taare Zameen Par, Darsheel Safary has turned into a dashing young boy from a lanky posture kid.

You can see Darsheel Safary as a child affected of dyslexia with upper part of his teeth slightly out of his mouth in the National Award Winning movie.


Safary was a 10 year old boy when the film, directed and produced by Amir Khan, was released in 2007.  Darsheel Safary stars as eight-year-old Ishaan and Khan plays his art teacher in the movie.


Ishaan dislikes school and fails every test or exam. He finds all subjects difficult, and is bullied by his teachers and classmates. But Ishaan’s internal world is full of wonders that he is unable to convey to others, magical lands filled with colour and animated animals. He is an artist whose talent is unrecognised.






Nikumbh (Khan) discovers the child’s hidden talent and grooms his skills using remedial techniques developed by dyslexia specialists. In the end, an art fair is organized which is won by Ishaan with his strikingly creative style.




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