Taher Shah breaks the internet–trends on Twitter in India and Pakistan

With his latest song ‘Angel’, Taher Shah has managed to break the internet once again, so much so that the awkward singer was trending on Twitter worldwide at number three!

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Talk about becoming an overnight sensation–yet again! With his latest song ‘Angel’ readily available on his own Facebook and Twitter accounts, Pakistani singer (if you can call him that) Taher Shah has broken the internet yet again.

After he released Eye to Eye in 2013 and was thoroughly ridiculed and made fun of, Taher Shah went into oblivion. Till he resurfaced a couple of months ago and made the announcement that he was coming up with another single. This time he released Angel which instantly captivated audiences in India, Pakistan and well, worldwide as well, it seems!

In case you know little about Taher Shah, here are a couple of screen-grabs from his official website:-


Taher Shah

#TaherShah began to trend in India and Pakistan at number one while worldwide, it trended at number three.




Here are some of the reactionary tweets:-

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