‘Targeting the state’ prompts govt for litigation against Altaf Hussain

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By Web Desk August 2, 2015 18:22

‘Targeting the state’ prompts govt for litigation against Altaf Hussain

Holding a presser in Islamabad today, Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar slammed Altaf Hussain saying the MQM chief has ‘crossed all the limits’.

“Altaf Hussain targeted the state and urged an enemy state for intervention in Pakistan,” he blasted.

The minister hailed security agencies for restoring peace in Karachi mentioning that a considerable increase in crime was observed in the megapolis, while not a single case of kidnapping for ransom was reported in the month of July.

He said that the Karachi Operation was initiated with the consent of all political parties and since its beginning he has not received a single formal complaint by any of the parties.


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The MQM chief in his Dallas address with workers yesterday asked them to demand the United Nations, White House and Nato ‘to position troops to Karachi’.

He said, “India itself is a coward country, for if it had even a little bit of honor, it would not have allowed Mohajirs [migrants] blood-shed on the Pakistani soil”.

Hussain directed the activists to write letters to US papers informing them about the ‘actual situation in Pakistan’.



Web Desk
By Web Desk August 2, 2015 18:22
  • Ameer Paul

    Janab Nisar Saheb:

    Action is needed to take care of Altaf Hussain and his cronies including RABTA COMMITTEE.

    We are sick and tired by hearing that ACTION IS NOT MQM SPECIFIC. If MQM is a FASCIST PARTY, action should be take against it as a party, if JI, NAP, JUI, ML, PTI or any other party as a whole working against Pakistani Sovereignty or involved in subverting activities against the State of Pakistan, it should not only be banned, rather should be executed as the law dictates.

    Please see that my blood is boiling here in USA where I reside since 1981, and I am sure that if Nawaz Shareef and you do not take a stern action to ban MQM and Altaf, then Martial Law may be an alternative option.

    Altaf’s speech, his actions, his heinous crimes are against the State of Pakistan punishable to death. Altaf + Rabta should be booked now, IMMEDIATELY.

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