Two more deaths take Tharparkar toll to 244

MITHI: The wave of deaths in drought-stricken Tharparkar has seen no decline as another two children died in the district on Tuesday, ARY News reported.

The death toll in Tharparkar in recent months has reached 244.

The PPP-led Sindh government has frequently been blamed for failing to take necessary measures to contain deaths owing to starvation in the wake of famine-like situation.

Doctors have alarmed that malnutrition was taking its toll on women’s health, thus leading birth of undernourished children.

They said most of the children die soon after birth due to their conditions being underweight.

The Thar desert, straddling the Indian border and one of Pakistan’s poorest areas, has seen an alarming number of children suffering pneumonia or diarrhoea due to a dangerous mix of drought, poverty and poor health infrastructure.


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