UAE imposes $68,000 fine, jail term for swearing on Whatsapp

KARACHI: A law was passed in the United Arab Emirates which imposes a fine upto 250,000 Dirhams ($68,000) if persons and a possible jail time if persons are found using swear words on Whatsapp.

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The new law also states that the foreigners may be deported from the Emirates if convicted.

The law was accentuated by the Federal Supreme Court, which rejected two lower court sentences of fining a man Dh 3,000 for swearing on WhatsApp.

The prosecutor stated that the sentence was too soft and did not conform to the fresh law which penalizes Dh250,000 ($68,000) or a jail term for online offences.

It is also being stated the court has ordered a retrial of the defendant by another court by upholding a previous sentence acquitting him from the charges.

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